Flash Report: "Wading In With WM" - Fantasyland in Tampa, FL

Doc here with the second Flash Report from now-regular Journal contributor, WM. In his last report, he visited Horse Cave, KY and Theatair X in Clarksville, IN.  This time, it's one of The Good Doctor's favorite establishments, Fantasyland in Tampa.

So enjoy WM's account of his visit to the original Fantasyland...



Sorry about this getting to you late, but I wanted to give you an update on my recent trip to Tampa.  I have heard you and others talk about Fantasyland in Tampa for a while and have been wanting to go, but my schedule hasn't allowed me too. 

4715 North Lois Avenue, Tampa, FL

Finally a few weeks ago I was at the door.  I paid my fee and went into the theater.  There were a few guys already there and no couples.  Over the next couple of hours, a few couples would come in and sit down and the pack of wolves would scurry around them and everytime they would get up and leave.

After a while I left the theater and was sitting in the lounge area playing pool, when this couple came into the lounge.  They sat down out of site from the store and talked.  I went over and introduced myself and we talked for a while.  This was a very nice couple.  They were probably in his late 40's and very attractive.  She was built with nice fake DD's and a body to die for.  They asked me if I wanted to play and I told them yes (what else would I have said!).  They had a fantasy they wanted to play out and I got to help them play it out if I played by their terms.  
Fantasyland's Pool Room

They asked me to go into the theater and sit close to the back and they would come in and sit down close to me.  They knew the guys in there were going to move around trying to get in position to be first or at least the best seat for a view.  They said they would do a little teasing with each other and when they got up, they were moving to one of the private rooms.  They wanted me to wait 5 minutes and walk in on them.  So that's what I did, to the amazement of the guys waiting around their door.

After entering, he had her tits out and were playing with her nipples and I sit down beside her.  She immediately pulled my hard cock out and started stroking both of us in unison.  She was really getting into it as she got naked.  She sucked on me for a while and then her man.  Then we took turns fucking her.  After blowing our loads, we got dressed and returned to the lounge. 

We talked for a while and traded numbers.  I have a more private meeting set up in their home in the coming weeks that I am looking forward to.



Doc here again... Thanks (and congrats as well) to WM for a nicely done report on his Fantasyland visit.  He has more reports in the pipeline, so stay tuned for more from our newest regular contributor.

Do you have an adult theater report you'd like to submit to The Good Doctor's Journal?  Just e-mail me directly at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. All you have to do is tell me the story, and I will format that bad boy into some compelling reading.

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