Flash Report: Last Night in San Diego's Adult Theaters by Tom Austin

Doc here with a Flash Report from new contributing reporter, Tom Austin.  Tom will be providing adult theater reports from across the country, as he is (as his banner suggests), a traveling man.  In this report we get a snapshot of San Diego on a Wednesday night (as in last night 3/30/11), home of Ron Burgundy and also 5 adult theaters.
Take it away, Tom...
Doc, I was a bad boy last night. I spent several hours on the DL and visited 4 of the 5 theater-style rooms in San Diego. But unfortunately, no stellar stories resulted . My brief notes: 
  • Jolar Cinema - DON'T go on couples night. Every dick in San Diego was there, including 7 guys all loitering outside the Jolar because there were so many guys in the two theaters. This was about 10pm and no couples were present or had visited, according to the clerk. So I went elsewhere, and returned about midnight. One couple finally showed up, stayed about 20 minutes, did absolutely nothing, and then left. They seemed to be just test-driving the concept of playing at an adult theater since it was free. There is something to be said for couples who prefer to pay a small admission fee for their play time - helps to weed out the window shoppers.
  • Adult Depot on Kurtz - stayed only about 45 minutes. Virtually empty. Rough looking crowd in the parking lot. Lurkerville.
  • Barnett Avenue Superstore - great twin theaters but not a single couple came in from the store. Stayed two hours. I love the soft chairs and very clean facilities and helpful clerks, but they were showing the worse porn (both gay and straight) that I've recently seen. And too many people in the theater who preferred to read their email, twitter, whatever on their cell phones than got into the movie. This place could be much more.
  • Some small place on Pacific Highway near my airport hotel (Ed. note: This is Adult Depot on PCH). it has one small room, three rows of theater seats, and about 7 screens showing lots of different types of porn simultaneously One threesome (MMF) came in and immediately started to play. But with only the two guys who stood at the back of the room swapping blow jobs.  I actually got excited when the F sat down one seat over from me (on an otherwise vacant row) and watched me openly jack while her two guy friends played - but no suck luck. I made at least 4 field-tested moves towards her and they were all quickly rejected. This was my last stop of the night. It seems the later it got, the younger the crowd.  This place also has great potential.
Lots of lessons learned last night. As you know, being on the DL doesn't always produce diamonds - there are lots of zirconium nights as well.

Adult Depot
Kurtz Ave.


Jolar Cinema
University Ave.

Doc here again...Thanks to Tom for a terrific rundown of last night San Diego's theaters.  I think a great take-away is to skip The Jolar on Couple's Night(s), which are Wednesday and Saturday.  The Good Doctor has had (as Borat says) great success on Tuesday and Thursday nights @ the Jolar. But if there is one thing consistent in this thing of ours', is that it is never consistent. 
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