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Doc here with a report from the blog of regular Journal contributing reporter, Ray. This "Blast From The Past" is an exciting tale from the golden age of adult theaters, where old movie houses showing XXX fare were still breathing and not quite extinct (yet).  The Cinema Art in Mishawaka, IN was one of them. 

There is/was a certain feel inside theaters that once were mainstream movie houses, that have turned towards The Dark Side (young Skywalker).  You feel that inside The Oregon Theater in Portland, The Twin Cinemas at Buford Highway in Atlanta, and the soon to be closed Westwood Art Theater in Toledo.

Without further ado, here is Ray's "Blast"...


"Surprising Threesome at the Porn Theater"

On a few occasions, I have seen "accidental" meetings in porn theaters. By that I mean that two or more people have come into the theater separately, pretending that they were unaware of the person or persons that they were going to meet and play with. Sometimes, it is obvious. Sometimes, it isn't as apparent. On a couple of occasions I have played this little game myself more than once. I will tell you about them some other time.

Today, however, I am thinking of a night where I am not sure if what I saw was a setup or not. Whatever it was, it was very, very hot.

The Cinema Art (formerly named The Tivoli Theater) was in Mishawaka, Indiana, just outside of South Bend. It was another one of those old, downtown theaters in a small town that had been abandoned for the mall multiplex. Somebody bought it and started running porn movies. Eventually, they added a bookstore area and peep booths, but when I first started going there it was just a big theater with X-rated movies.

I had rarely seen couple activity there. There were some couples from time to time, but no action. Being the eternal optimist that I am, I would drop in from time to time to see what might happen. My persistence paid off.

I was actually stretching my legs, having been in the theater for a couple of hours, when they came in. She was about 5'5, brunette, 40-ish, and curvy. Not a BBW, but a fairly typical woman who had a couple of kids and two decades of limited athletic activity. She was busty so the curves looked good on her. Dressed in a tight black skirt with a hem a few inches above the knee and a print blouse with buttons down the front, she was ready to play, yet still looked respectable enough should any of her neighbors see her leaving the house or returning home later.

Like any good theater pervert, I followed them into the theater, keeping a respectful distance. They sat on the left side of the aisle, with hubby taking the outside seat. I sat immediately in front of him.

I resisted the temptation to turn around and stare. I find it better to let a couple get comfortable. I listened for the tell-tale signs of hanky panky, but there were none. I settled in, prepared to be patient.

Art Cinema
Mishawaka, IN
circa 1980
Maybe 10 minutes after they came in a guy came down the far aisle from us. He sat in the same row with the couple, all the way at the other end. Probably 12-15 seats separated him from the wife. He looked nervous and sat low in his chair, a baseball cap pulled low over his eyes and his jacket pulled up high around his neck and cheeks. He clearly didn't want anyone to recognize him. He was small. Small enough to notice. Not just short, but slim, too. I wondered if perhaps he was too young to be there and figured that once he bluffed his way in he would try to be as inconspicuous as possible.

If he noticed the couple, he never let on. He just sat low and kept his eyes on the screen. Meanwhile, I began to sense more movement from the couple. I glanced back quickly. Sure enough, they were starting to make out a little bit. The next time I took a semi-furtive peep I noticed the little guy on the other end of their row was looking, too.

Hubby was slow, but deliberate. He took his time unbuttoning her blouse. She made eye contact with me at one point, then quickly looked away. Since she didn't cover up, I figured it was cool to watch. So did the guy on their row.

Her cleavage was wrapped in a sexy black bra, and eventually it was completely exposed as hubby finally unbuttoned the bottom button on her blouse. He pulled it open wide, so that her large, lace-covered tits were completely visible. At about this time, wifey leaned back into him, turning a bit toward the guy on their row. He didn't take his eyes off of them as she began to spread her legs a bit.

I was as hard as a rock, seeing this woman blatantly expose herself in a semi public place. As she lifted her left leg into the seat next to her, her husband opened the clasp on the front of her bra and ever so slooooowly pulled the fabric away. Her nipples were large and swollen. She was clearly enjoying being the show. She dipped her hand between her legs, out of my site, but it was obvious what she was doing. She shuddered when she touched herself.
Art Cinema
Mishawaka, IN
circe 1983
The dude at the end of row had the best seat in the house, to be sure and, oddly enough, no one else in the place seemed to be aware or interested in what was going on. Fine with me. After a few more minutes of the tease, the wife turned herself around again in her seat and reached for her husbands lap. A minute later his cock was exposed and she was stroking him. She leaned back, letting the guy at the end of the row see what she was doing. His view wasn't the best but he got the idea.

Then she suddenly moved to the floor, between his legs and began to give him a slow, sensuous blowjob. Now my view wasn't the best, but I had already figured out that the guy on their row was their target. As the wife sucked her husband's dick, the voyeur was straining to see (so was I!). Hubby motioned for him to come closer... and he did. Leaving two seats between himself and the husband. A minute later, he moved over one more seat.

I thought hubby was about to blow his load at one point. So did the wife, because she stopped what she was doing and returned to her seat. Hubby immediately began to play with her tits and offered the other guy a feel. He was reluctant. Again, I suspected that he was pretty young and was now teetering somewhere between orgasm and terror, unsure of what he should or shouldn't do.

The wife dropped her hand onto his thigh and he jumped. She never took her hand away. She just gently caressed his thigh. Hubby started sucking the tit that was closest to him and she held is cock while the stranger (and I watched). Eventually, the wife got the attention of two mouths on her tits and my cock was getting the attention of my hand.

When the stranger pulled away, the wife leaned over and kissed him. That's a fairly odd site in porn theater. Ususally women who come in to get fucked by strangers don't kiss. As she did, she let her hand fall across his chest and into his jacket. Again, he jumped. When they finished their liplock, wifey turned and whispered something into hubby's ear and then turned her attention back to her guest. She opened his jacket, raised his t-shirt and - much to my surprise - revealed a nice set of firm young tits. He was a she. Soon the ball cap was gone and her hair fell to about her shoulders. The jacket was removed and suddenly it was obvious why "he" looked so small. She was a slender brunette, maybe twenty. Maybe.

Hubby and I watched while they played with each others tits, rubbing, pinching and sucking. I watched as she spread her legs wide, letting her short dress ride all the way up, exposing her wet cunt as both of them fingered her. I watched as the girl slid between her legs and ate her. She opened her eyes and looked directly into mine as she came.

The women switched places, and the crowd began to form, as the younger girl slid out of her pants. The wife got on the floor in front of her and licked her young pussy while hubby stood knelt on his seat and fed the girl his cock. I don't remember who came first, hubby, the girl or me, but we all ended at about the same time. 5 minutes later, they were all gone.

As the crowd drifted back to their seats and turned their attention to the movie, I replayed the scene in my mind several times, stopping and focusing on each individual action. Did they know each other? Was it planned? The nervousness of the "guy" made me think not, but the speed at which the action developed caused me to think that it might have been.

In the end, I didn't care. It was hot. The women were hot and the sex was hot.

I've never seen anything exactly like it since. Although now that I think about it, I may try to set up something like it myself. I'll keep you posted.



Doc here again... Thanks again to Ray for this excellent "Blast From The Past". Make sure you check out Ray's terrific blog HERE.  Lots of goodness lies within.

Do you have a memory of an adult theater experience that you'd like to share with the thousands of readers who visit The Journal every week?  Just e-mail your good buddy, The Good Doctor, at  I will format and edit the report.... You supply the account of what happened.  You get the credit (under a pen name of your choice) and the glory.

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