BREAKING NEWS! Westwood Art Theater In Toledo To Close May 21st!

Doc here with breaking news received this evening from my source JT in Toledo, Ohio.  The Westwood Art Theater will be closing it's doors forever on Saturday, May 21, 2011.  Employees were notified today, and the announcement was posted at the theater.

My source revealed to The Good Doctor that one of the primary reasons for the closing of The Westwood is the condition of the theater.  The building owner (not the business owner of the Westwood, Bob) won't fix some needed repairs, and according to JT there were 3 weeks in a row where "it was colder inside the theater than outside".  That's saying something, being April in Toledo.

The Westwood Art Theater, circa 2010
1602 W. Sylvania Avenue, Toledo
Combine that with the economy, and health issues with Bob, and that is all she wrote. According to my source, there have not been any issues with the city or police.  Thus, it looks like a business decision.

When The Good Doctor made a House Call (see the report HERE) to the Westwood in the early Fall, it was one of my bucket list theaters to see before it disappeared.  The theater is huge, with a large lobby that functions as an ABS.  The couples section alone could seat 50+ people, and the theater itself seats 650.

In size comparison, it's a little larger than the auditorium of The Oregon Theater in Portland.  However, the lobby, vending machine area, and entrance are also sizable.  The parking lot to the left of the entrance of The Westwood easily holds 30-40 cars.  This was a truly classic Spanish Colonial movie house that survived the 70's and 80's, survived the video revolution that killed most adult theaters, and made it to 2011.

The Westwood
circa 1982
Just this past Monday, The Journal published Subbie Trish's Flash Report of her visit the Westwood Theater, where she entertained the crowd and put on quite a show for the troops just a few short days ago.  How things can change.

Gloryhole Nancy and her guy, T, would also visit The Westwood for some good old fashioned theater sexcapades.  Regular Journal contributor, Curly, would make visits to The Westwood.

As we are a month away from the closing, here is my ask:  If you have any memories (Blasts From The Past) from The Westwood, e-mail The Good Doctor at I'd like to put together a series of reports just focusing on this theater as a proper send-off, Dr. Emilio Style.  So sharpen your pencils and let's see what tales from The Westwood we can gather and publish.

As more details of the closing itself become available, I will post them here and on my Twitter HERE.

If you would like to read a bit more about the history of The Westwood, here is a link over to Cinema Treasures and their Westwood article.

This news has bummed The Good Doctor out... I was planning a trip there this spring as a follow-up visit, but now I may have to try and squeeze in a last minute send-off and toast instead.

This is one Happy Hour I'm not looking forward to.

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