Couples Report: The Tampa Sexcapaders on Drew Park in Tampa

Doc here with a brand new contributor to The Journal of Adult Theaters...The Tampa Sexcapaders. This couple will be providing a series of adult theater reports from Tampa as well as other cities where this thing of ours thrives.

This first report from TTS is a wet one, so adjust your goggles accordingly.



This is an absolute true story.

I have one of those MILFs that walk into a theater and every guy wants. Blonde,5'3, 130lbs, Big tits and one hot insatiable pussy and mouth.

One night about a year ago we decided to head into one of the Drew Park theaters. We had been out partying and she had plenty of drinks in her and felt relaxed. As usual it was a pretty busy weekend night with about 2 dozen guys and 3 or so couples. We like to walk through the different rooms and see what is happening and then typically head to the area with plenty of couches. As we sat there I could tell she was enjoying the movie and was liking tonight's offering. We were enjoying the woman on the screen get hammered by a few guys Alexa leaned over and told me how much she wanted that tonight.

As time went by we had her tits out for the men that were starting to close into see. She has beautiful tanned tits and big nipples. As the men started to pull out their cocks and rub them, I pulled off her soaked panties and started to finger fuck her. Just then one of the guys reached around her and started to rub her tit. She jumped for a moment and then got back to enjoying getting finger fucked. Another guy grabbed her other tit just as she was starting to cum for her first time that night. Damn was my dick hard.

She then asked me to get up with her and she wanted to better survey the offerings. As we walked into an area with a few rooms her eyes went right to a young mans cock. There he sat on a couch watching a movie buck fucking naked. As he was jerking his nice large rod she looked at me for my approval and I whispered in her ear to wrap her mouth around his meat. She dropped to her knees right in front of him and just started sucking his cock bare. She loves cock and never misses a drop of cum.

She proceeded to suck and stroke his cock as I started to disrobe her. Before long all she had on was her high heels. I pulled my pants down and pulled out my rock hard cock. As guys started to push their way into the room I started to fuck her pussy from behind. It was just dripping wet and wide open. As the guys watched more cocks fell out of their pants and the guys were wishing they were where the naked man was.

As her Size D tits bounced back and forth another guy sat on the couch and yanked out his hard cock. She moved her hand over to his cock and she kept sucking the first guy's cock. I could feel she was going to cum I thrust my cock harder inside her and then pulled out so she could unload all over the floor. We call her the gusher for a reason.

She continued on the cock and I started to finger bang her again and rub her g spot. For the next five minutes this guy was loving every minute of Alexa's mouth around his joint and balls. I could tell from his writhing he was not far away from unloading and I rubbed my wife's pussy harder. When he started to groan she squirted again all over the floor and he came right in her mouth and she swallowed every drop. She looked up at me, smiled got herself composed and started on the next cock.

That was when she stood up a little and I moved to the side and motioned to one of the guys to wrap his package and enter her hole from behind. Out came the condom and in went his cock into her dripping wet cunt.

It did not take long for her to coax another load out of #2 and he gladly filled up her cock sucking mouth while she begged for more from the guy behind her and then added more liquid to the floor. And just as he said he was going to cum she spun around and he pulled his condom off and unloaded down her throat. She flat out came again all over the floor with nobody inside her. She was going crazy. The guys were everywhere and cocks were begging for her to take them. But she wanted a few minutes to relax and wash down the manjuice she coaxed out of those hard cocks.

We went back out into the main room and in about 10 minutes she was ready for some more. She found two newcummers to invite back to a little larger room and sat them on the couch as she unzipped their pants and pulled out their cocks. We allowed other guys to watch and me and the two guys fucked her and got our cocks sucked for the next 45 or so minutes. She was cumming everywhere and so were a few of the spectators.

She finished off our cocks and took each of our loads down her throat and thanked all these guys for the good time they gave her. From there we went into one of their clean bathrooms, wiped up and went home for one more round.

Not sure if I should mention the name of the place, but it was a great time and we have done similar things over the many years we have been together. And we will be back to this place for future fun.


Wow... I need a moment here.

OK... Now that was a great first-time report!  Reports from a couple's perspective add a different dimension to this thing of ours. I also believe (based on e-mails I receive) that reports like this will encourage other couples who have thought about dipping their toes into the water of adult theaters to give it a test drive.

So what can I do to put you into a new Buick today?

Thanks to The Tampa Sexcapaders for their terrific inaugural report... The first of many to come.

Are you part of a couple that has an adult theater experience to share.  Just put fingers to keyboard and fire off an e-mail to The Good Doctor at The Tampa Sexcapaders did...So can you!

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