Field and Flash Reports: The Candlelight Theater in Largo & Fantasyland II in Tampa

Doc here with an outstanding Field and Flash Report from senior field reporter, JaxBchBum.  When it comes down to investigative reporting by a veteran of this thing of ours', JaxBchBum is beyond reproach.  His "Riding The Waves" reports over the last year and a half have been terrific, and this report is one of his best.

So sit down, pop open a can of YooHoo, and enjoy the report...


Traveling over to Tampa on a partial weekend business trip, I was anxious to visit the newly renovated Adult Video Center on N. Grady now known as Fantasyland II and see how it had changed.  Back when I traveled to Tampa frequently, the AVC was my favorite theatres for a number of reasons.  First, it was immaculately clean unlike some of the sleazy places like the Playhouse that hadn't seen a mop on the floors for a decade or more.  You could walk around and not fear your feet sticking to the floor like flypaper.  Second, the video projection and movie selection was always excellent.  Third, the theatre had a dedicated couples section that provided a "safe area" for couples from the wandering herds I have seen at other theatres scare away couples. While this may have cut down on the number of guys in the theatre, I saw this as an overall advantage.  Fourth, all the above factors would lead to a fairly dependable number of couples coming in to play.  Well, more on my FLII visit later.

As that famous Florida explorer Ponce deLeon said, "You won't find treasure unless you look for it.", so I decided to explore some new territory on the Gulf Coast.  I had heard about an older, smaller theatre in Largo/St. Pete known as the Candlelight Theatre that had a reputation for attracting some couples on a regular basis.  So after my meetings had concluded on Friday and I enjoyed some fine cold adult beverages with an early dinner, I voyaged south on I-275 to the Candlelight. 

The Candlelight Theatre
Largo, FL
The Candlelight is tucked away off of 66th Street (11455 66th Street, Largo, FL), so the first time my GPS alerted to my "arriving at your location", I had already passed it.  I drove down, made a U-turn and pulled up about 7:00.  There were 2 other cars in the parking lot which wasn't a great sign, but I noted there was more parking around back so thought there could be more. 

I opened the screen door in an older adult store with a variety of DVDs, porn mags and "novelties" with a guy sitting behind the counter who turned out to be the owner.  I paid my $10 for the theatre and headed back.  Just off the store, there is a short hallway containing the restrooms.  You walk through a set of vertical blinds made out of heavy rubber that serve to darken the theatre and then make a 90 degree left turn to enter the theatre.  Took a few minutes for my eyes to adjust so I just stood at the doorway until I could get the layout of the theatre.  The theatre is a long rectangular space.  To your left is the seating area composed of a set of about 20 individual wooden seats along the back wall.  Then there is at the far end, a set of 3 couches - a double and two singles.  And in front of this row is a double couch.  This all faces the screen which is at the far end on the front wall.  There is a stage area but it has materials all stored on top of it. 

I noticed the only other patron is a guy seated about midway down on the back wall stroking away.  Always one looking for the comforts in life I sit down in one of the single sofa chairs on the second row.  Video projection was good, but there was no sound.  Got up and went out and told the owner and he said nobody had said anything all day (imagine that), so he adjusted the volume so the entrancing dialogue as well as the moans and groans could be clearly heard.  Watched for about an hour and only one other guy came in.  I was about to leave about 8:00 when I heard a woman's voice out in the store so I decided to wait.  After about 10 minutes, the curtains parted and in walked a couple.  They were in their mid-30s as best as I could tell in the dim light.  The lady was dressed in a black skirt and a black top and as they walked in headed for the back row towards the far corner, she removed her top and revealed a black fishnet bodice with a small black bra underneath.  Hmmmm, I thought, this might be promising.  She had frizzy blond hair and wore glasses and was quite slender and petite.

They sat on the back row about 5 seats down from the guy that quickly resumed his stroking.  I had a great angle of watching their actions out of the corner of my eye without having to do a full turn.  It didn't take them long.  They began with some deep kisses with his hands all over her butt and tits.  Before long she stood up and removed her skirt and unsnapped her bodice at the crotch and sat back down.  He leaned over and began sucking her tits through her bodice and bra while roaming his hands up and down her thigh and pussy.  She kept sinking lower and lower in her seat as his fingers found the magic spot and she would let out low moans from time to time.  After a bit, she sat up, reached over and undid his jeans and pulled out his cock. 

After a few minutes of stroking, she bent over and began sucking him.  She was almost kneeling in her seat so her ass was in the air and he was rubbing her butt checks.  After a long time of sucking, she got up and straddled him and started riding his cock.  She was facing him and although I couldn't see directly, he had pulled her tits out of her top and bra and was sucking them.  Then she stood up and faced the screen and sat back down on his cock so we got a great view of her fine riding posture.  She had B-cup tits that were nice and firm as when he wasn't rubbing them, the light from the movie showed them to stand out nicely.  It was hard to tell if she was smooth or trimmed due to the shadows and her bodice flap hanging down, but it was a quite an adventure.  She would glance off to her side and see the guy stroking and smile, but they never gave any signal to come closer so we just enjoyed the show.  That was all about to come to a sudden end.

Some male voices were heard in the store and then the curtains parted again and in walked 2 guys.  They immediately started walking back to the corner and I feared the worse with them being vice or something the way they were dressed.  As soon as they entered, the lady scrambled to sit down on the far side of her hubby and covered herself with her top and skirt while he zipped up quickly.  Since it had started to get dark outside, these guys didn't have to go through the light adjustment pause and they made a beeline for the back corner where the couple was seated.  The assholes split up and sat on each side of the couple.  Well, this just freaked out the couple who quickly got up and moved to the other corner where she got dressed and they left.  After the couple left, both guys remarked how they were hoping to get a blowjob.  Well, maybe from each other as they sure did ruin that scene.  The vibe was dashed so I left as well. 

The owner asked me about the couple and I remarked they were playing nicely until the guys came in, invaded their space and scared them off.  The owner just shook his head.   Veterans have seen this so many times and it is so frustrating for those like me that love this scene of ours.  If guys would just give couples their own space and let them determine the pace, it would be so much better.  Yes, there have been times when I have seen an aggressive guy rewarded; but more often than not, the aggression turns out to be the wrong move and the couple leaves.

Well, off to Fantasyland II.  Enzyte Bob gave a great report on the layout so I won't repeat that.  I would just offer this clarifying information.  If you want just the theatre admission, it is $10 for the 12 hour access with in/out privileges.  If you want the full access to the theatre, billiards room and outside deck, it is $19.  I was just wanting to see the theatre so I paid my $10 and went in. 

Fantasyland II
Theatre configuration has been radically changed.  On the left side of the aisle are 6 rows of 3-person couches with 2 couches on each row.  Some of the couches have high backs which make it impossible to see anyone seated in the row behind.  In the very front of the theatre are 3 individual plush lounge chairs.  Along the right side of the theatre are 4 individual rooms with doors that close but do not lock.  In each room there is a futon with a vinyl seat/mattress along with a small (30" video monitor) playing porn.  No gloryholes or peep holes between the rooms from what I could see, but given the renovation was completed less than a month ago, I suspect it might only be a matter of time before some peepholes are made.  As you enter the theatre, on the right side there is a small alcove with some couches there as well.  Anyway, theatre was immaculate and video projection was as good as I remembered.

Sat down and began watching the movie, wishing couples would start to appear and the action viewed earlier at the Candlelight would continue.  Just showing that all wishes don't come true, only one couple showed and stayed in the 4.5 hours that I was there before leaving at 2:00 a.m.  They were a white couple in late 20s, both big framed but not overweight.  She was wearing a short fuck-me skirt with tall black boots.  They walked in and peered into a couple of the individual rooms.  They kept looking in the general seating area and I was hoping they were going to sit down there.  A young black man had followed them in the theatre and sat down at the end of one of the couches across from the room they were looking in.  He had been in and out of the theatre a number of times during the evening so he was clearly couple trolling.  The next thing I know they both disappear in the room and the black guy goes in, closes the door and soon all kinds of moans and groans start coming out.  After about 10 minutes, the black guy comes out and leaves.  The couple stays in the room for another 10 minutes and the sounds continue.  They then leave the theatre.  It was quiet the rest of the evening until I left.  I am sure that activity will pick up here as the word spreads.

Maybe next time! 



Doc here again...Thanks again to JaxBchBum for his always detailed Field and Flash reports from this thing of ours'.  One of the reasons I like his reports so much is because they are similar to my House Call reports, in that they illustarte the layout of the theater, the dynamic inside, as well as some editorial content.

Speaking of House Call reports, I am backed up on two of them... Look for them at week's end.  I think you will like them. Why?  Because of my rugged good looks.

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