Flash Report: Darkangel Digest Volume 2 (w/pic)

Doc here with the second installment of Darkangel Digest.  Darkangel is a sexy Georgia girl, who is just taking her first steps into this thing of ours. Every trip into Love Stuff in Cordele, GA leads her another step further.

Lets see where this trip takes us...


Our third visit to Love Stuff... When we arrived at Love Stuff (105 Floyd Road, Cordele, GA), we again browsed the store area then made our way to the preview rooms. We went into the same room as the last time we were there.  We waited for a short while, so I got busy sucking hubby's cock to pass the time. Then the room next to us became occupied! We could see a man sitting in the chair and as before, we gave him a minute to acclimate himself.

Love Stuff
105 Floyd Rd., Cordele, GA
As we peered through the hole to see who was on the other side, we noticed a large gray bearded man with glasses. I don't think I will forget him for some time to come (ed. note: Uh oh!) The man was sitting with his hands in his lap looking at us pants still zipped. I invited him to put his cock though the hole buy putting my two fingers through and motioning him to approach the hole for some enjoyment, but he just sat there with his pants zipped up staring in at us !

So we thought well this guy is a voyeur, and I went back to hubby's cock sucking to give the man an eye full. Hubby was keeping an eye on the hole as I sucked, licked and pleasured him. For some reason all of a sudden hubby felt uncomfortable,  so I stopped and looked at the man.

As he was looking at me, I invitied him again he just sat there so I thought well maybe he would like to see my tits so I lifted my top and played with them then I sucked my nipple (as I have the talent to enjoy giving men that treat), but that didnt even seem to spark a reaction.  So as we found this to be disturbing and we were so uncomfortable, we stood up and gathered ourselves. We whispered our thoughts, and decided we would move to a different peview room.

We left got in another room, shut the door, and almost immediatley there was someone in the room next to us! It was the same man! Freaked us out, we left right then and went out to the store area and walked around to figure out what we would do next.

We thought mabe we might see this man in the store area, but we didnt (gladly). We had drove 3-1/2 hours to have a an experience but not that one. So we thought we would just go in the theater and if we didn't see that man and felt comfortable we would just have a seat and watch the movie and see what happens. I said to hubby that would be all I would do is just watch!

We walked through the door and down the hall and stopped at the end of the wall which opened up to the theater room getting our eyes adjusted to the dark. It was good size very roomy. There were a row of futons in an aisle, and another row of futons in front of a nice big screen with... well, you know porn showing. There were about 6 or 7 men seated randomly around. We decided on a spot and took a seat.

It was kind of strange being in a room full of men we didnt know in the dark wathching porn. They were having problems with the dvd and sound, so the clerk kept coming in to check on it and adjust the volume. He would ask if that was alright, and after the 2nd time we all started to give him a hard time for interupting the show. A couple of the men left which left 4 men, hubby and I.

Well with everyone so friendly and being in a porn theater, hubby lifted my top and started playing with my tits. Needless to say, that got the attention of the men and they came and sat around us and watched (oh my) as I got more excited! I slid down in the futon and spread my legs so hubby could rub my wet pussy (no I wasn't wearing panties mmm).

God, I was getting turned on now and then one of the men asked if he could touch my tits. Hubby told him he could, and next thing I know I have 4 sets of hands on my body from my tits to my pussy. Rubbing, pulling, pinching, sliding fingers into my now VERY wet pussy... My god it was fun!

Next thing I know hubby is kneeling on the futon feeding me his cock all the while the men are fondling my body. After some long hard sucking,hubby fills my mouth with his cum and pulls out.  Another man asked if I would suck him I looked at hubby for his aproval, and he said yes. Oh boy, but he had to put a condom on which he did. I sucked him until I felt his member throb as his cum fill the rubber.

Now with them all feeling brave about my willingness to please, two more asked if I would suck them also which I did with pleasure until they all came. There was only one man left and I looked up at him and asked if he wanted me to suck his cock too... He replied he would rather suck hubby's large cock, but if he couldn't he would let me suck him (as hubby is not bi). He had to settle for me!

He put a rubber on and I began sucking him but soon the condom slipped down and I tried to slid it back up. But as you all know, that is difficult. So to mine and his dismay, I grabbed both sides of the rubber and stretched it I guess very wide and was putting it back on his member when all of a sudden it slipped and SNAPPED him very hard! OMG!

I felt sooo bad! Needless to say he lost his hard-on, and I lost the chance to finish off 5 cocks in one nite. I apoligized to him profusely and he said it was ok, he would live we all had a laugh about it.

Everyone said thanks and good-bye as it was getting on to midnite and we had a long drive home. By far this was an amazing nite and more fun than I could imagine. I never having thought I would suck off 4 strangers and my husband in one nite (well ok 3 but I had 4 in my mouth). I dozed off on the drive home thinking of how exciting the nite had been... By far the best yet in the short time we have enjoyed this thing of ours.

Hard Nipple Hugs,


Doc here again... I find it very interesting that as Darkangel takes each trip, she goes a little further each time.  This is "Adult Theaters for Couples 101"... Take it slow, and good things will happen.  Rush into this thing of ours, and all bets are off.

Are you part of a couple that has a story to tell or a report to file?  Just e-mail The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com and our highly trained staff (OK, me) will format, edit, and get your report on The Journal home page.  Darkangel did it...So can you!

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