"Blast From The Past" From the Duke Of Pearl: "In Praise Of Sticky Floors"

Doc here with a terrific "Blast From The Past" from first time contributor, the Duke of Pearl. Duke takes us on a trip from Seattle, to Santa Ana, to Buena Park, and eventually to Portland.

Luckily, I am able to illustrate the adult theaters from Duke's report from the Good Doctor's photo archives, located deep within the control room here at my practice.  (Remember to click on the photos to ENLARGE them.)

So, without further delay, here is the Duke of Pearl's "Blast":



Doctor, Doctor;

I accidentally tripped over this site a few days ago. I am so amused with it that I thought I should introduce myself.

Apple Theater
circa 1994
Seattle, WA
I am not a newcummer to ‘this thing of ours’. My beginnings began as a patron of the arts in 1970s Seattle at the old Apple Theater. I was a lad in my 20s. The only truly memorable thing about the Apple was the night a young pregnant woman sat beside me in the back row of wobbly seats. I was too shy to take my hard peter out when she asked me to, so we went to my car and I fucked her in the broken passenger seat of my aging Plymouth. It was enough to form a life-long appreciation of sticky floors.

I soon moved to San Francisco and found a few such places on Market Street, but I didn’t stay in the city long before I moved to southern California. There were some good places in those days. The Mitchell Bros Theater in Santa Ana comes to mind, as does a nasty old theater on 4th Street (The State Arts Theater). 

The Former State Arts Theater
(now the rennovated West End Theater)
4th Street, Santa Ana, CA
One night an older couple sat down beside me in the nearly empty theater. She sat between me and her husband and spread a shawl over her lap and mine. She stroked my peter while I played with her large floppy tits. After a minute she whispered, “Come out to our motor home. There will be no money exchanged.”

Once inside I fucked her while her husband sat at close range, leaning forward and watching as she berated him like the (happy?) cuckold he was. Getting into the spirit of things I ordered him to “Do something, you miserable bastard. It isn’t nice to just sit there and stare!” He rimmed me expertly and minutes later I shot all over her ample belly. As he licked it up I dressed and quickly left while I listened to them beg me for a re-match. Oh, to be young again and begged for sex!

Pussycat Theater
Buena Park, CA
circa 1980
As I recall, it was the early 90s when they began bulldozing the theaters in southern California. The last one to go was the worst (and therefore the best) of them – the Pussycat Theater in Buena Park. There was usually a minimum of 50 people in there at all times and it set new records for sticky floors. On the day they finally tore it down there was a crowd lined up on the other side of Beach Blvd consisting mostly of people cheering the demolition, but there was also a fair number of us pervs in raincoats quietly sobbing and sniveling as the silent minority.

Then it was over. The big Cats had made short work of the Pussycat. After the Haz-Mat bureaucrats zealously surveyed and arduously repaired the tainted soil content, someone moved a double-wide onto the property and opened a used car lot. It was clearly time to move on.

Just For Fun
Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix was my next stop. There are no theaters per se but lots of video arcades. They all had so many WARNING! signs posted that one’s peter would atrophy before you could park the car. There was one decent place called “Just for Fun” that had a make-shift theater upstairs. It was a reasonably good place to go and jack off with the fellas. They had a buzzer on the downstairs entry door. When the buzzer sounded everyone covered up and sat frozen until the newcummer got to the top of the stairs and whipped his dick out. Then it was back to business as usual.

I moved to Portland a year ago. I purposely moved here because of its reputation for being tolerant of sticky floors. I go to The Paris, The Oregon, and lots of the jack-in-the-boxes around town. I never feel unsafe or like a place is about to be raided and all of us humiliated for ‘this thing of ours.’ (I love that phrase, Doc!)

The Duke of Pearl


Doc here again... Sometimes The Good Doctor is part writer, part editor, and in the case of this report, part detective.  With the help of The Duke, I was able to come up with the Santa Ana's sleazy old theater name, plus what happened to it after it stopped showing XXX fare.  However, photo wise, the best I could come up with is the renovated theater.  You win some, you lose some.

I am looking forward to the next installment from The Duke of Pearl.  Plus, since he is at ground-zero for this thing of ours in Portland, why not take his talents to the Rose City's adult theaters?

Thanks again Duke.

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