Kneeling With Gloryhole Nancy: Update (w/pics)

Doc here with an update from our good friends, Gloryhole Nancy and her guy, T.  It appears as though they have hit some technical issues in Toledo...

Here is their update, and 3 never before seen pics here on The Journal of Nancy doing what Nancy likes best...Sucking cock.  Remember to click the images to ENLARGE, since they are hi-res.


Hi Doc!

We had a major computer glitch and lost ALL our pics and vids:(  We are in the process of getting it all restored, so in the meantime please be patient as it may be a week or so.  We are thinking of hitting the Westwood Theater one last time before it closes down, if so we'll be sure to report.  Please tell all your readers that once we are up and running more pics will follow, please be patient:)  As a matter of fact, we may be hitting the gloryhole tonight...

Nancy and T


Doc here again... I will keep you updated on the status of Gloryhole Nancy and T, and when they have all the glitches corrected.

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