Reminder: Follow The Good Doctor On Twitter

Doc here with a reminder to follow The Good Doctor on Twitter at @lizardojournal .  By following me, you will get:
  • Instant updates on adult theater activity at theaters such as 15th Avenue Adult Books in Melrose Park, IL, CTs Adult Theater in Gary, & the St. Louis area adult theaters (via retweets from my good friend MajorVoyeur).
  • Notifications of new reports and articles on The Journal of Adult Theaters.
  • Breaking news from this thing of ours (such as the closing of The Westwood in Toledo, OH).
  • Reminders and recommendations from colleagues of mine, such as Velvet Skye  @Velvetskye and Major Voyeur @MajorVoyeur .
So, you see, it's a win/win.  We update you, and you reap the rewards from this thing of ours.

Trust me...I'm a Doctor.


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