The Subbie Trish Chronicles: A Visit To The Westwood Theater in Toledo

Doc here with a first time Couples Flash Report from Subbie Trish. She has a master/slave relationship with J, and this trip to the very cool Westwood Adult Theater in Toledo was going to be good. 

But don't take my word for it... Here is their story, from the lips of Subbie Trish:


We have gone to the Westwood Theater in Toledo before a few times, and its never the same on any visits. Last Saturday night was certainly not what either of us would have ever expected. The parking lot was packed, and being the loyal and obedient subbie that I am, I had trepidations about being able to perform for each man present.

As we walked across the parking lot, I mentioned that I honestly didn’t think I could suck all this cock! LOL. We get inside the theater and there had to be more than 50 men, all anxious to grope and play, and of course, get some.

Westwood Theater
Toledo, OH
It is extremely dark in this theater, I mean you can hardly see your own hand in front of your face, but as we entered the couples section, we could see the patrons shift as one complete unit. We sat down in the front row of the section and get comfortable. Soon another couple came in and we contact. We swapped and she squatted down in front of Master and began to pleasure his cock with her warm mouth, and her companion made himself welcome to my pussy. He would only finger me and we did some light petting.

After she had sucked off Master (J), he asked me if I wanted to have a taste of the other girl and I said SURE! So she took my chair and I knelt in front of her and licked her clit and pussy. I could hear her say I was good, and she moaned and I could tell that she was relaxing and really getting into it. When she had enough,  Master gave me permission to stand up and move toward the bars that defined the space of couples area from the rest of the theater. Men were lined up two and three deep. I was dressed sexy with heels and  a skirt, and I held on to the bar and put one foot up on the lower bar. Men were groping my breasts and sucking my nipples. 

There was a man who had his fingers in me and soon there was a puddle of cum on the floor, (from me). They grabbed at my ample ass, and at some point I lost count as to how many were groping and touching. This went on for a while and I felt a head between my legs... I turned around and there was a guy crawling between my legs to eat me out. So I went and sat down and opened my thighs and he dove on in. He was great, and soon I had cum all over his face. ( I gush when I cum). He stood up and I returned the favor to his completion, his cum shot all over my boobs and I licked and swallowed what was remaining on his cock.

After a little break, I asked for another cock to suck and picked a gentleman from the crowd, Master directed him to come forward if he pleased and he was most accommodating. As I was finishing him, another stepped forward and I sucked him for a while too.

All in all it was an interesting and pleasurable experience. It is always my thrill to have Master be so proud of me to share me. I do hope for this opportunity again.

Subbie Trish


Doc here again... A huge thanks for the excellent report from Subbie Trish on her adventure inside the Westwood Theater.  The couple's section inside the Westwood is unique... It's more like a couples corral.  There are at least 6 rows of seats, and about 11 across (from the best of my memory).  Plenty of room for either seclusion or play.  And it certainly looks like Subbie Trish enjoyed her play time!

This is the first of many reports from Subbie Trish... Her other reports will be Blasts From The Past, and I for one cannot wait to read them.

Do you have an adult theater report, like Subbie Trish?  Just e-mail The Good Doctor at I will edit, format, and publish your story... It's easy!  Try it.

Trust me...I'm a Doctor.

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