A Few Minutes With Dr. Emilio: Busy Weekend Edition

When we last left The Good Doctor, he noticed his Caddy had ten grand worth of gimmicks and high-priced special effects. The rear windows lit up with a touch like frogs in a dynamite pond...

Good day to you and to all the ships at sea... Welcome to an abbreviated "A Few Minutes With Dr. Emilio".  I wanted to get a few things off the news desk here before the weekend kicked into full speed. (Note: The full version of "A Few Minutes..." will go up on Sunday).

You know how this works... A Lead Story,  a few adult theater related nuggets, an opinion or two, and a photo of The Good Doctor in a public place.

Let's get started, shall we?

Big Weekends At The Paris and CTs?
Based on announcement in their respective Yahoo Groups, there could be big fun occurring at The Paris and/or Oregon theaters in Portland and CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN.

The force of nature that is Daisy Train may be making a visit to The Paris/Oregon Theater on Saturday 5/14.  In her words, here is what Daisy had to say about Saturday night:

"So here's the skinny: I don;t know where I will be taken or what time. So as soon as I know I will post (in Brent's Theater Tails Yahoo Group). Glory holes, The Oregon, and Club Sesso were all mentioned, and I will suggest my personal favorite: The Paris.  I look forward to enjoying some of you soon!  Yours Truly a slut, Daisy."

Daisy's visits are legendary to The Paris, and hopefully this weekend will be no different.  I will repost the reports as soon as they hit the news desk here at The Journal.

The second announced visit is by StuntSlutSimone at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN.  This is her announcement:

"I'm headed to CTs at 8pm this Friday, May 13th for my third CTs gangbang!  I'm 27, bi, 5'7", size 12, curvy, thick, big round ass, and love to suck and deep throat.  My favorite thing in the world is thick cocks, and I have a weakness for BBC."

The Good Doctor has seen and reported on StuntSlutSimone in the past, and she is insatiable.  Last time there she spent over 3 hours getting fucked, sucking cock, and generally being a very bad girl.  Don't miss her if you have an opportunity to get to CTs tonight.

  • One week to go for The Westwood Art Theater in Toledo.  Received some follow-up information from regular contributing reporter Curly. The theater is in the process of liquidating all of it's stock of DVDs and magazines, but there is nothing special planned officially for the final night, Saturday May 21st.  An auction for the remaining assets of The Theater is scheduled for May 25th. HOWEVER, I do know of at least two high profile couples hitting The Westwood that last night, and I'm sure there will be many more.  I will have a more detailed report on this topic in Sunday's column.
  • Love Stuff in Cordele, GA was raided last week by local authorities, and some arrests were indeed made at the scene.  However, a little birdie has told me things are returning to normal at Love Stuff, and business is actually up this week.  Stay tuned for more developments on this story as they come in.
  • A big thank you to you, the good readers of The Journal as we passed 350,000 total pageviews this week!  Thank you for supporting The Journal.
  • Your voice was heard on our latest poll, which asked if you would like a short bio on the Spotlight Adult Theater.  93% of you said "Yes", and I launched this new feature on Monday.  Hope you enjoy the background on the various theaters, past and present.
  • Make sure you visit my colleague and good friend, MajorVoyeur's awesome blog, "The World of MajorVoyeur".  His expertise in this thing of ours in the St. Louis area is unmatched, and his Sunday night post is a thing of beauty.
  • Lastly, keep sending in your adult theater reports!  Thanks to the new contributors who came online this week, and there are more in the pipeline.  But we always need more, so send in your reports to emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. Thanks!
And with that, have a great weekend everyone...It certainly is holding a lot of promise.


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