Blast From The Past: Old Marine Corps Guy on The Apple Theater in Seattle

Doc here with one of my favorite things editing The Journal of Adult Theaters: "Blast From The Past" reports from my good friend and Senior Reporter here at The Journal, Old Marine Corps Guy. OMCG has a wealth of adult theater memories, and when he shares them with us, it's always a treat.

Case in point is this excellent "Blast" regarding the long gone Apple Theatre in Seattle, WA. Even though this adult theater disappeared under the wreckers ball in 1999, there are still stories out there that won't die.

Here is one of them, courtesy of Old Marine Corps Guy... Enjoy!



After reading the Duke of Pearl’s “In Praise of Sticky Floors”  story, I was reminded of my first trip to Seattle back in the early 80’s.

I did not know the city drove around until I found an area near the water with quite a few arcades and theaters.  I went and paid my admission at one theater that looked promising (smaller place) and found that I made a big mistake because after walking in I found that it was all gay.  I went out and asked for my money back and was told that they had another theater (straight) and would give me a pass to that one.  So, I got the pass and directions and went up to, I think, The Apple Theatre (I think it is the same one that The Duke talked about).
Apple Theatre
Seattle, WA circa 1997
It looked small from the outside, but pretty big once you got inside.  A center isle with 7 or 8 seats per row on each side and maybe 25 or 30 rows sloping down to the screen.  When you enter, you have high walls on both sides that slope down as you move forward into the theater.  There was also a small theater behind the screen that showed gay movies.

When I got to the low part of the wall I could see that the theater was completely empty (it was raining puppy dogs and pussycats outside, but what else can you expect for Seattle) except for three people sitting in the back row of the right hand section.  It was dark so I could not tell who/what they were, but walked back up and sat down in the row in front of them.  My eyes got adjusted and I looked behind me and found two men and a woman.  The two men were sitting next to each other next to the wall, with the woman sitting next to one man with 4 or 5 seats open next to her.  She was blond, probably early 40’s, a little “plump”, but with a pretty face and a short skirt on.

After closer inspection I saw that the two men were jacking each other off and she was just sitting there watching the movie with occasional glances at the two men.  So, just to let them know I was friendly J, I took out my dick and started jacking off too.  After a couple of minutes the guy in the middle (turned out to be her husband) leaned up to me and said to come back and play with his wife.  Well, I’ve never been a slow learner so I zipped up and went back and sat next to her.

As soon as I sat down she reached over and grabbed my crotch and started rubbing.  I unzipped again and took out my dick so she could have full access.  She started giving me a hand job while I reached up her skirt and started playing with her pussy.  About this time the guy next to the wall bent over and started sucking her husbands cock.  That is not my thing and it was kind of a turn off until she leaned into me and said she wanted me to fuck her while she watched her hubby get his dick sucked.  OK!!!!!

We both stood up and she bent over facing her husband and put one knee on the seat and I stood up behind her and slid right in.  She was already VERY wet and tight.  She leaned down so that she could get “up close and personal” and watch the guy suck hubby’s cock while I fucked her from behind and then kind of straightened up and started kissing her hubby.

Well, I guess hubby and I were both on the same timetable because it seemed like we both came at the same time, and both of us were very vocal about it (who cared….the theater was empty).  After that, we all straightened up, said thanks to each other and I went to the restroom to clean up.  When I got back inside the theater, all three of them had left.   I went to the lobby and asked the clerk about them and he said the hubby and his “buddy” were regulars, but that this was the first time he had brought in his wife.  I’m glad that I was there to “break her in”.

I have since been back up to the Seattle area, but never been able to find the Apple again (maybe closed???).  But, I definitely found action at the Airport Video, Fantasy and the Hollywood.  But, those are stories for another time.

Semper Fi!


Doc here again... Thanks again to the highest ranking Marine who contributes to The Journal, Old Marine Corps Guy.  This is classic OMCG... If you ever need a template on how to write a "Blast From The Past" report, use this one!

Submit your reports directly to me at  I will edit, format, and make your work look slick on the home page here at The Journal.  You will be the rock star...I'm just the roadie adjusting the amp.

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