Field Report: Summit News Bookstore & Theater in Warren, OH by Oldbeatnik

Doc here with an outstanding Field Report from senior Journal scribe, Oldbeatnik. In his travels this spring and summer, OBN hits many areas where there are adult theaters.  He takes it upon himself to put his bongo drums aside, venture out, and report his findings.

This weekend sees Oldbeatnik at the well reviewed Summit News in Warren, OH. Summit News is now THE place for adult theater fun in NE Ohio. 

Enjoy Oldbeatnik's Field Report on Summit News...


The Summit News Bookstore and Adult Theater at 645 Summit St. NW, Warren, Ohio is a very nice place. It is located in a secluded commercial area and has a huge off street parking lot.

The front is a rather small video/toy store with the usual videos and toys. It is open from 11 am to midnight. The theater costs $10 for singles, $15 for couples and has a private theater area for rent for $15 for several hours. The clerk was quite friendly and gave me a tour of the place. It has 8 booths that take dollar bills, 4 of them have buddy windows, none have glory holes.

The store has a quasi-deal with the police: "we don't put in glory holes, you don't bother our patrons." It has worked out pretty well. The private theater is huge with a very comfortable couch and a large screen TV. The renter can select the DVDs to be played. It does have an old sperm smell but that is to be expected, it is usually used by gays.

Summit New is building a BDSM dungeon that will be open some time in June. It has an X bar, a cross and they will be putting in a fuck table. Forgot to ask the cost of using it. The theater itself has great ambient light so one can easily see anyone playing. The screen is about 5x6 feet and they show 5 DVDs in a row, the last one shown each evening a bi video. It has three 4-6 seat  couches; two against the back wall, one against the far right wall. It has four rows of theater seats with lots of room between the rows; a set of 3 seats, an aisle, another set of 3 seats in each row. No bad smell and boxes of tissues on each couch. The bathroom is unisex, clean and also smell free. All in all a safe clean place to bring a woman.

Friday night 3 couples showed up, one woman in a skirt, the other two in shorts and jeans. The man with the woman in the skirt played with her pussy and made her cum quite often and he used the room between the rows to go down on her, they played just with themselves but didn't mind on lookers as long as you didn't touch. They were there when I first came in and I guess someone touched her and they left. The clerk said they were regulars, went out for drink and would be back later. They did return and really got into playing for the crowd.
The woman in shorts (a BBW) and her man sat in the 3 seat front row next to a male patron she soon went down on. I got the impression they knew each other. She then moved to the couch on the right, removed her shorts and proceeded to suck off several men while several others ate and played with her pussy. She soon drew a crowd with everyone in the theater (10 men and the two other couples) gathered around.

The woman in jeans (a real cute BBW) went down on her man both on one of the rear couches and while watching the live show. The whole scene was a voyeurs delight.

Saturday night was a gaystock, no couples in the theater just a bunch of gays doing each other. The cutie from Fri night and her man were there, but never went into the theater, they stayed outside the whole time. I talked to them for a bit, and they go to theaters in PA, Ohio and West Virginia. I asked if she just sucks her man and she said no, she sometimes does other men - she's just picky. He said she likes glory holes, he likes theaters. I recommended that they start writing to the Good Doctor as he wants couples view points. They said they might start since they go out two or three times a month.

The Summit News Bookstore and Adult Theater is a great place for couples and couples action. I very highly recommend it, just be sure if you have a no touch rule you make it known to the crowd.



Doc here again... Thanks to OBN for his usual outstanding field work concerning this thing of ours. Just like The Good Doctor, he has been around the block a few times, and we are thankful for his energy reporting on the adult theater scene. 

Do you have an adult theater report you'd like to see on the pages of The Journal?  Just e-mail Macho Man Savage The Good Doctor at, and I will format, edit, and generally doll-up your report.  You get the glory.

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