Flash Report: Bob in Biloxi and The End of Times - 5/21/2011

Doc here with this week's installment from our good friend, Bob in Biloxi.  It's good to see Bob survived the Apocalypse on Saturday and was able to write up a solid report on Saturday night's action in Biloxi.

So crawl up out of your bomb shelters and enjoy Bob's take on Saturday night on the Gulf Coast...


This Week's Episode: "The End of the World"

Hey Doc,

Some of Portland arrived on the beautiful Gulf Coast over the weekend. I know you’re scratching your head right now, so read on.

At around 8pm Saturday I arrived at the Gulf Coast Theater, the clerk told me that only two couples had been in all day. So I proceeded down the street to the ABS. Upon entering the owner was there and smiled and said “you must have ESPN” (that’s a joke, we both knew he meant ESP). "There are two couples back there, but you’ll have to beat Coach to the punch.”  Coach is a regular horn-dog in this thing of ours as well. I went back and found him was standing next to a booth; he pointed, he then whispered that the couples were next to each other. Damn, so much for a swoop in and get drained today.

Bob in Biloxi
After several minutes one couple came out and left. I recognized them as the petite little blonde school teacher I’ve written about in the past.  They are somewhat strange in their play, she will not even touch a cock unless you present it to her erect, even then it’s somewhat of a crap-shoot. But when she does play, she is excellent. The other couple soon came out, and she’s the semi regular that will stay until everyone is drained. She likes to back up to the hole and pound the wall with her ass. I was fortunate to be at the head of the line. And she didn’t disappoint!!

Retreating to the safety of my Ram, I replenished lost fluids and took a breather. A few minutes later Coach came out with a grin on his face (he was number 2) and told me he no longer had chrome on his trailer hitch.

While I was recuperating two more couples went in and headed back to the booths; patrons told me they were playing with some guys, but not others. I couldn’t have contributed anyway as I was still in R & R mode and sure didn’t want to cock-block a couple just to watch. That pisses me off for guys to do that when I bring a lady, so do unto others is my motto. Both stayed about 30mins or so. The blonde was still in there too!

About 10:30pm, a car pulled into the lot, with none other than Oregon plates hanging on the bumper!! A slim petite brunette wearing Capri pants and a red pullover got out on the passenger side. I’m thinking to myself  “If only it were true”. So they went inside, and I followed a short time later through the back door of the business.

As I walked in, I heard the guy she was with ask how much to go back, then asked if the booths had glory holes!!  The owner asked them “where you guys from?” When she answered Portland, my knees became weak; she was a good looking little honey. They walked back and I was able to beat the herd next to them into the adjacent booth. She started sucking her man and looking toward my hole. End of the world? Not tonight.

I fed my cock in and she starting revealing talents only Portland women seem to possess!!! She was wonderful at giving head, and thank goodness I had got off prior. I wouldn’t have lasted as long as I did, but she finally took me though. I could hear her moaning as well as encouragement from her dude to suck it all out. As I was gathering myself up, I looked in the hole and she was just taking his load, they left about the same time I did. Thanks Portland for having such talented women your beautiful city!

Saturday night allowed 5 couples at the ABS. 5 couples total showed at the theater, as far as I could tell none of the 5 at the theater played. Our Catholic school girl showed up briefly and flashed some but left.

In Kansas City next Saturday Doc, and will try and give a report from Bazooka’s.



Doc here again... Thanks again to Bob for his usual stellar work in this thing of ours.  He has survived The Rapture, and we are all the better for it!

Do you have an adult theater report you'd like to see on the pages of The Journal?  Just e-mail Lee Horsely  The Good Doctor an emiliolizardo1@gmail.com, and we will make it happen.

Take the plunge!

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