Flash Report: Bob in Biloxi Reports On Saturday Night's Theater & ABS Action

Doc here with this week's report from the suave and debonair Bob in Biloxi.  It looks as though things are humming in Biloxi, at both The Gulf Coast Adult Theater as well as the ABS down the street from the theater.

There are a million stories in the naked city...This is one of them.


This Week's Episode: "Blondes Have More Fun"

Hey Doc!

Things just keep rolling here on the beautiful Gulf Coast! A little after 8pm last night, (I start here because that’s about when I arrived) a local couple pulls into the parking lot at the ABS. She’s blonde about 5’4 120lbs, nice rack, with tats dressed in blue jeans and a white shirt (yuck, prefer shorts/skirts). They proceed to the booths; your author is first in line to the adjoining booth (high five).
Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MX
Less than a minute passes and she’s got her shirt off and his pants down, she starts blowing him, so I add my cock to the mix. My reward is her mouth followed a few minutes later by her pussy and feeling the force of her ass banging against my wall while riding my cock! Nice start to the evening, thank you ma’am!

After an R&R break I proceed to The Gulf Coast, I missed two couples before 8pm, and there were only four couples when I went in shortly after 9pm. One was our Catholic girl who for some strange reason only fucked one guy. The other couples seemed to be just checking out the place, each seated alone watching the movie.

I headed back to the ABS, went in and the clerk told me, no other couples yet, but the blonde was still having fun in the back, so that puts them in a booth for over two hours!

As I was seated in my truck still replenishing lost fluids, a Lexus pulls up with a couple.  Another petite blonde but older lady (50’s?) dressed in a long black skirt and white button down blouse with high heels got out and went in. They browsed the store for a few minutes waiting on the clerk to finish with a customer, then paid and came back into the arcade area. Again I was lucky enough to get next to them and received what was probably the best blow job this year. She took her time and I got the feeling from the sounds next door she was enjoying herself as well.
The Bob in Biloxi
License Plate

Thank you again ma’am.

They left and went down to the theater. One guy was rebuffed by them after the dumbass bullied his way next to her and just started jacking, so they didn’t stay long. One in every crowd I guess. I had the feeling they wanted a good theater experience, but this dick head was too impatient and they called it quits.

In closing nine couples showed at the theater, best I can recall is 3 out of the 9 played. The volume of couples is increasing but the playing there seems to be sporadic and sudden! The ABS is continuing to draw couples because of the control factor I think. That and maybe the anonymity of the glory holes, keeps the attraction going? Whatever the reason, blondes had more fun last night and this thing of ours beats TV any Saturday night!


Doc here again... The fun in Biloxi has helped them become a permanent weekly fixture in the Adult Theater Power Rankings.  Thanks to Bob, it has helped put Biloxi on the adult theater map.

Do you have an adult theater report?  E-mail The Good Doctor directly at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com.  I will edit and format your report, while you get the byline and the glory.  Not a bad deal, right?

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