Flash Report: Subbie Trish Reports On The Westwood Art Theatre

Doc here with a treat for all of the readers who have been following the story of The Westwood Art Theatre's last weekend.  Subbie Trish was on hand for both Friday and Saturday night, and has faithfully submitted her report.

Enjoy Subbie Trish's take on the final two days at The Westwood...



The Westwood Theatre in Toledo has always been a thrill for me; sometimes a hesitant thrill, but exciting nonetheless.  The unpredictable nature of the venue and its patrons did not fail to deliver on the final weekend.  It was kind of sad as the evening drew to an end; ever mindful of the fact that this is where I had my first adult theater play experiences. Writing this report on Sunday morning, there is a sense of melancholy, mixed with anticipation for the future and the theater adventures that are to come.

We made a detour to an adult book store prior to heading for The Westwood on Friday evening.  I got my first “taste” at glory hole play; WHAT FUN!  Unexpected pleasures awaited me from the other side of the wall. Immediately my “treat” was presented through the small opening and I gladly obliged, with licking and sucking. From the other side of the wall, I could hear his moans and soon, pre-cum was tickling my taste buds. I continued by stroking him and then took him full into my mouth using the tip of my tongue, massaging the head & shaft, and then stroking him until his load spilled out onto my soft ample breasts, and face. He let out a louder sigh when he shot his load. I licked the rest from the head of his cock and from my lips.

My escort also generously presented his cock for teasing and tasting.  My pussy was moist when pleasuring the first man, &  I became absolutely WET with the substantial size of my escort’s cock. Anxiously, I stroked and sucked him, his moans made me hotter and wetter, I could not wait any longer so I stood up &  bent over the bench in that tiny booth. It felt sooooooooooooo good to have his cock ramming hard into my wet  pussy. The tiniest drips of my own cum tickled as it ran down the inside of both my thighs. The  sensations were felt from my nose to my toes. My whole entire body shuddered with pleasure.

From the corner of my eye, I spied the gentleman in the next booth watching the action. I could see him stroke himself and heard him moan deeply. It was so hot for me, to be the object of attention from both these men. One had me and the other wanted even more.

When we left the bookstore we headed over to “The  Westwood”.  Anxious to “show me off”, my escort led me into the theater; my pussy was wet with anticipation.  We found seats on the front row of the couples corral and we checked out the scene. It was great that so many came out to say goodbye to the ole place. A few couples were there and a few more came in later. The theater was packed with single men mingling about to catch all theaction. The row in front of where we were sitting was full with all heads turned toward the new couple (us) who came in to play.
I wore crotchless fishnet stockings specifically and a short black skirt to be more easily accessible.  I wanted to with play some more with my escort again after we had started back at the bookstore; so I asked him to stand up so that I could get his cock back into my mouth.  All eyes were on us as I sucked him, deeply. He grabbed a hand full of my hair and pushed my head down further on his cock. I gagged and loved it! With my tongue I rubbed the bottom of the shaft and I could hear the whispered tones of approval from the men watching us. I pulled my blouse to the side so that I could expose my breasts and so that my escort could fuck my silky soft milky white breasts. With his thrusts, I licked the head of his cock and his thrusts became faster. I took him again in my mouth and sucked more while the crowd looked on.  Saving it for later he says and he sits down and has me scoot forward in the chair, spread my legs, and raise my skirt. Access was simple since there was no crotch in the stockings. Using his fingers, he teased my clit a little bit and then inside my heaven spot he rammed his fingers fast and hard, I could feel the orgasm build and then my juice gushed out and sprayed the guys who were sitting right in front of me.  “Oh my God” and other expletives were uttered from the onlookers.  Everytime I was finger fucked, I made a puddle on the floor, sprayed the crowd and soaked the floor and it dripped deliciously down my inner thighs. 

Another couple came in and sat in the row behind us and a few seats tothe left.  She went down on him sitting next to him and then she moved to a kneeling position in the seat in front ofhim, bent over the seat pulled down her panties to flash the men watching & she continued to suck him off.  He told her to sit down in the seat and then he came around and stood in front of her. She sucked him more and then he put her back over the seat and fucked her waiting pussy.  Spanking her ass a fewtimes, he rammed his cock deeper and she let out a soft sigh. When he was finished, a few of the men commented on her lovely ass, and her gentleman seemed rather pleased with her performance.

We played a bit more, and then waited for the lights in the theater to come up. The crowd quickly dispersed and I felt good that this was just a precursor for the next night. We would be returning the next evening.  By the time we left, I was thoroughly worked up for some further play at home!

On Saturday night we were there by about 8 pm and stayed again until close. There were even more patrons both in the bookstore and the in the theater.  There were many more couples than I have ever seen in the theater.  Again we took seats in the front of the couples section and took in the scene for a little bit before getting ourselves “occupied”.

I had on a black halter dress and thong panties to make for easy access. He started with some intense finger play and I was stroking his cock.  Pushing my thong to the side, he rammed his fingers again inside me, hard and fast and I soaked everything again with my “ladyjuices”.  I thought I was being secretive enough, but when I scooted off the thong to stash in my bag, it was met with a few encouraging comments from onlookers.

We watched the other things going on in the theater and relaxed for a bit before playing a little more. The crowd dispersed to other areas of the theater. To the front of the theater on both the left and right side, there were other women playing with other men in the gallery. Each time my escort and I started to play again, the row in front of us filled up fast and the aisles to each side crowded with men anxious to see what would happen next. Usually I am oblivious to these things but because this was going to be the last night for Westwood, I wanted to remember everything. I guess I am a sentimental fool, eh?

Anyway, we took a brief break, and hung out in the lobby area for a bit. As we walked out of the theater a few patrons followed us but no one came up to us for a chat.  After a short repast we headed back into the theater and sat again in the front row of the couples section, but a few seats closer to the right side of the section.  A younger couple came in and sat behind us. They were watching what was going on around them and she went down on him for a bit. He seemed very interested in what was going on in the front, & walked down to investigate. Despite the sheer number of people in the theater there wasn’t much activity.  Taking that as a hint and being the sexy slut that I am, I treated myself again to my escort’s impressive cock. Putting on a nice show for the gallery, he stood up and presented a solid cock for me to suck and tease. I went down deep and tickled the head with the tip of my tongue. I sucked harder and faster. He took it out and stroked it hitting the head against my lips and tongue. He kept up this momentum and soon he shot his load onto my lips and into my mouth. I savored the taste and let some drip out onto my lips and licked it off with my tongue. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm that was fantastic, to have all those men standing around cocks in hand watching mesuck and please both of us: myself and my escort.  We relaxed as the evening was coming to an end.

We stayed until just before closing. I was so glad to be part of the last night at this old theater.  The atmosphere was festival-like both Friday and Saturday night. I do hope that I made my escort proud as he honored me by presenting me for the last evenings of play. I think we were both spent from two nights of play. But it was a good “tired” and memories to add to myscrapbook of slutty play.

This will not be the end of theater play for me. There are other darkened theaters for me to explore and play in. I am looking forward to further adventures with “this thing of ours”. As many may have guessed at this point, Master J was unable to present his property for the final Westwood weekend. But I will say this, it was my greatest pleasure and honor to be "on loan" to a most terrific escort.



Doc here again... Having the woman's perspective of this thing of ours is always a treat for The Good Doctor.  Thanks to Subbie Trish for an oustanding account of her Friday and Saturday at The Westwood, and at the bookstore she stopped at for a change of pace.  I'm sure Master J will be proud of her.

Were you at the Westwood for it's final days?  If so, The Good Doctor wants to hear from you!  Just e-mail me at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com with your account of what you saw and experienced.  It can be a few lines, or a novella.  It's all good.  There has been intense interest in this story, and the more voices we have telling the story, the better off we all are.

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