Flash Report: Westwood Theatre Wind-Down Update by Curly

Doc here with a special Flash Report from regular contributor Curly. Curly has been my designated Toledo Field Reporter since the early days of The Journal, and his report chronicles his last visit to The Westwood Art Theatre from Wednesday night. 

I found this report very interesting, and also very typical of the last weeks other closing adult theaters have experienced.




Since I can't make it this w/e, I went last night to The Westwood Art Theatre.

The mood in the video sales area is festive and a little regretful.  Business is up, which was a factor in the business closing.  It made me wonder if the Proprietor might reconsider.

I perused the sale items and nabbed an Annette Havens movie poster and a couple 90% off DVD's for posterity.

Two couples, married entered the theatre together in front of me.  They were in their 70's.  The gals were over dressed in ordinary street clothing with coats, sweaters, etc., but above the knee, tight shirts and sandals.  But it was cool and damp outside.  The sandals they wore were hopeful of warmer weather.  The clerk called one guy by his first name and he introduced his wife for the first time.  It sounded like a memorial send off, since he was not able to attend the weekend closing events.  Once inside the theatre, they sat together in the middle of the Couples Corral.  They watched, visited, cuddled and left after about 30 minutes and one explicit scene with a cheerleader on screen. 

The parking lot was fairly busy, with about 20 cars/trucks..  About a dozen guys were scattered through out the theatre with about 4 along the back wall to keep an eye on the Couples Corral. 

Thirty minutes later, the foursome returned to the theatre and sat in a different spot within the Corral and a different seating arrangement.  They kept to themselves, by couple, and seemingly played some.  Alot of thigh was visible on one gal.  When they decided to leave, I noted that her skirt had ridden up around her waist and needed rearranging.  Ha.

About 10:30 another couple entered and quickly moved to the Corral, like they knew the way.  She was slender and dark haired.  Very young looking compared to the guy she was with.  It wasn't long before she was bobbing in his lap.  That lasted, off and on for 15 minutes, then they got up and left.

I moved to the front and tried to take a few memorabilia pics for posterity.  Not very good results in the darkness.  I was trying to stay awake until closing at midnight when the lights come on.  There were some orange candelabra wall lights on either side of the screen that I had never noticed before.  A patron came to see me in the front row and I learned from him that the cops were last there about 8 years ago.

Anyway, hope you have a good time there this weekend.



Doc here again... Great job as always, Curly. Sorry I will miss you this weekend for The Last Waltz of The Westwood.  I will be on site with reporters notebook in hand, taking in the last moments of this classic adult theater.

If you see the Good Doctor this weekend, say "hi" and introduce yourself @ the theatre. 

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