House Call! The Last Waltz of the Westwood Art Theatre in Toledo

The Last Waltz of the Westwood Art Theatre
by Dr. Emilio Lizardo, Esq.

Doc here with a special House Call Report, focused on the last two days of operation and the subsequent closing of The Westwood Art Theatre in Toledo, Ohio.

The Westwood Art Theatre
Toledo, OH
I find that there is always something poignant about the closing of an adult theater.  The Good Doctor has been around the block a few times, and has been on hand for several over the years.  All things being equal, most adult theaters that end up closing do so with some notice. It is a strange case of the obituary being published before the body is cold. The last weekend of business ends up being more of a wake for the theater, with current and former patrons taking one last opportunity to pay their last respects.

 One closing night I remember distinctly was the closing of the Niagara Falls Cinema in (oddly enough) Niagara Falls, NY in 2003.  Being a former upstate NY guy at the time, I made the pilgrimage back to The Falls from out of town for it's swan song.  In the case of the NF Cinema, it was being forced to close it's doors due to an urban renewal project taking place in the neighborhood in which it stood (much like The Jefferson Theater in Portland, OR). The last night saw the return of many of the regular couples who made the old theater their play place for many years. The place was crowded (it was a smaller theater, again very similar to The Jefferson) and it was an awesome night filled with steamy theater sex.

 My hope for last weekend at The Westwood was  that it would emulate that last great night at The Niagara Falls Cinema.  Would it happen?  Would couples that used to attend come back for one last hurrah? What would the vibe be inside the large theater on Sylvania Avenue?
The Good Doctor's game plan was to get into Toledo Friday evening and spend Friday and Saturday evening at The Westwood.  The Lizardo 3000 was gassed up, and it was off to Northwest Ohio from The Valley (near the small women's liberal arts college).   The weather cooperated, and low and behold I was in The Glass City: Toledo, Ohio. 

Friday Night, May 20, 2011
Now I knew that Friday evening was probably not going to yield the same number of couples as the last night at The Westwood.  The Good Doctor's objective was to take in the scene, pay close attention to the theater itself, and maybe get into some mischief.  Saturday would be a different story.
Front Counter
Westwood Art Theatre

By the time I was situated, it was getting late (even though I didn't know I was late).  The hours had been changed during the final weeks, and the old theater was going to close at midnight both nights.  This made my 11pm arrival way beyond fashionably late.
 The couples corral at The Westwood is large (40 seats), and situated in the center rear of the auditorium.  The thick iron piping that acts as the barrier between the corral and the gen pop does a great job of drawing that line in the sand.  In some ways, it reminds me of the old couples section of the now-closed Jefferson Theater in Portland, OR, or even the new couples section of The Oregon Theater (also in Portland).  Another unique feature is the large amount of space between the front row of the corral, and the barrier in front.  I'd say we are looking at 6 feet of space.

Couples Corral, Westwood Art Theatre

This Friday night (again, after The Good Doctor's late arrival) saw only two couples in the corral.  One couple was Subbie Trish and her escort (her great report is HERE). The other couple had an interesting sexual dynamic going on (which would also be on display on Saturday night as well).  She was a thin, tall blonde, with long straight hair that reached down the middle of her back. Picture Joan Van Ark from back in the day, and if she had a strippers body (I know, a stretch, but that is the best I can do).  She had on a white hooded sweatshirt, a dark tank top underneath, and some very tight jeans.

The Real Joan Van Ark
After a few minutes, her had undone his jeans and was slowly stroking his cock while they watched the movie.  This evolved into her taking off the hoody, and diving head first into his lap for a slow BJ.  The vibe in the theater was picking up, and as this was taking place, Subbie Trish was giving her escort a BJ as well.  Both couples were content playing amongst themselves, as the action heated up.

The blonde (now to be known as JVA) and her guy then disrobed a bit more, as she kneeled in front of her guy as her forcefully fucked her mouth.  Another change of positions had them now in the front row to the left of Subbie Trish, with her jeans now being slipped down to expose a black g-string and an amazing ass.  he positioned her kneeling on the seat, facing the rear of the theater while he grabbed her long hair and began to fuck her doggie style.

A quick glance at The Good Doctor's watch showed the time to be 12:02am, which meant we were officially in overtime.  It was going to be a matter of second or minutes before the lights came up for the 2nd to last time at The Westwood.

Two people that were not paying any attention to the time were JVA and her guy.  Sure enough, no more than a minutes or two after my last time check, the lights came on (mid-stroke for JVA).  This provided a two most appreciated benefits for those of us still there: a) We saw JVA bottomless in plain sight (very nice), and b) provided the Good Doctor his first chance to see the interior of The Westwood in the light.

Main Auditorium
Westwood Art Theatre
Since one of my objectives was to see what the inside of the auditorium looked like with the lights on, this worked out nicely.  As JVA and her guy gathered up their stuff (as did Subbie Trish with her awesome auburn hair now in plain view) and her escort, the light yielded my real look at the Westwood's interior.

There were original fixtures still in place. For example, the circular overhead lights (have seen these in the past at other theaters, but typically not working. These were.) were clearly from the period and style in which the theater was built (Spanish Colonial).  Also in view were the theater pipe organ chambers, flanking what would have been the stage area.  While the organ was long gone, the pipes were still there (have seen this in countless theaters, both adult and non-adult).

Another feature, first brought up by Toledo correspondent Curly in his latest report, were the orange chandelier lights flanking the pipe organ chambers.  One side had the original three faux candles lit, while the other was missing one.  Not surprising giving the condition the rest of the theater found itself in.

The side walls were in rough shape, with plaster coming off in large area, and haphazardly patched somewhere along the line.  The seats were in pretty good shape, considering the last time they were probably swapped out.  The rear of the auditorium was the only real cheesy part of the set up at the Westwood.  The rear wall was covered in wood paneling, and probably housed a storage area.  It is also along this wall that provided the last hot hardcore action the theater would ever see on Saturday.

Saturday Night, May 21, 2011

The Good Doctor arrived back at the Westwood Art Theatre at 8pm on what was to be it's last night hosting this thing of ours.   I backed The Lizardo 3000 into a parking spot in the 7/8ths full lot on the side of theater, and made my way inside.
Hopes were high my friends, since this was the last night.  Would this night play out as other "last nights" had in the past?  Since I was never at the Westwood on a Saturday, it would be hard to judge if this was a typical Saturday night, or something special.  Judging on the amount of cars in the lot, it had all the looks of a big night.

After taking a couple of photos of the outside of the theater on the way in, I made my way into the lobby.  The action was bustling in the lobby, since the theater was clearing out all of the DVDs for $2 a piece.  I saw one guy with at least 25 DVDs stacked high, making his way to the counter.  That scene repeated itself a few times throughout the evening.
The Good Doctor entered the dark of the theater, and there was a different vibe in the air compared to last night.  Veterans of this thing of ours know this vibe...Yet it's hard to describe.  And it was present on Saturday in The Westwood's auditorium.

After walking up the stairs into the theater, I spotted a few areas of focus by the crowd inside.  There were three couples inside the corral, and there were a group of guys in a rugby-like scrum along the back wall.  I never got a good look at who were the players and who was the rugby ball.

In all my years drifting in and out of adult theaters, one element that never fails to ignite other couples into playing is the full-on hard-playing theater slut. It's almost like getting the green flag at a NASCAR race, in that it signals that playing has commenced.  Curiosity will be peaked, and the competitive juices start to flow.

The catalyst for this evening would be a couple termed by the penis gallery as the "Canadian Couple". They entered just minutes after The Good Doctor, and after a minute or two getting used to the setting inside the theater, made their way down the long right hand aisle towards the front of the huge auditorium.

 Regular readers of The Journal, and specifically this reporter, know that I am unusually obsessed with celebrity look-a-likes in describing women in adult theaters.  My good friend Brent in Portland uses this technique flawlessly in describing the women of the Pacific Northwest. The female half of The Canadian Couple looked like a shorter Katherine Heigl with strawberry blonde hair, youthful body, and very nice legs...She was wearing a white print sun dress, that fortunately for everyone, didn't stay on very long.  Her fair skin was a bit sun burnt... Reminding The Good Doctor of couples in Florida playing in places like Tampa.

KH camped out in the lower right hand side of the front of the theater, and it was on.  Over the course of 2+ hours, she sucked and fucked countless hard cocks, and at one point had a nice bukkake going. She would clean up, and dive right back into the action.  From what I heard after the fact, she was taking the throbbing members of the penis gallery in all 3 ports of call.  Her moans filled the large theater from time to time, broken up by laughter from her before taking the next guy.

Couple's Corral Entrance
Westwood Art Theatre
A term we sometimes like to use in describing insatiable adult theater women is that they have just  "run the table."  And KH did just so...

Back in the couples corral, things were heating up as well.  The sexy Subbie Trish was back with her escort, and was putting on a very hot show for the troops that preferred to watch instead of play.  I lost count of the number of times she was finger fucked into squirting.  It almost reminded me of a Gallagher performance, where the front row should have been wearing plastic sheets to prevent the deluge of juice heading their way.  Luckily, no watermelons or sledgehammers were observed in play.

Behind Subbie Trish was a young heavier set couple that played on and off for hours. She looked like a young PTA mom, looking to please her guy any way she could.  Two rows behind Trish was a busty blonde woman in her 50's, with her guy.  She spent much of the evening with her head in his lap, enthusiastically sucking her guy's cock.

Early in the evening, two single females entered the couples section and spent most of the time chatting and talking.  One was a thin brunette, and the other a fuller-figured version of her friend. A major distraction for a lot of the couples... They eventually partnered up with two black guys they knew and finally left around 10pm or so.

Lobby and Theater Entrance
Westwood Art Theatre

At this time, The Good Doctor needed a break and headed back to the lobby. I had set up ahead of time to meet the lovely Gloryhole Nancy and her guy, Tony.  Right on schedule, they appeared inside the lobby and I had a chance to formally introduce myself to them (even though we have been talking for months online).  Nancy is hot beyond words, ladies and gentlemen of the jury.  Pretty face, killer body, and dressed to play.  Make sure you check out their Yahoo Group, HERE.

Nancy and Tony proceeded into the Couples Corral, but had to leave only a short few minutes afterwards as they were being bothered by some of the regulars patrons (for some reason).  It spoiled getting her into the mood, and they ended up cutting the evening short.  Nice work guys.

About this same time, The Canadian Couple called it a night.  This reporter was thinking to himself if this was it for the evening and forever.  This thought process was dispelled by a wave of new couples coming in, which included Joan Van Ark from the previous night, a Hispanic woman who set up camp almost exactly where The Canadian Couple had vacated, and in what would be one of the surprises of the evening, a young plainly dressed couple with a video camera in tow.

JVA was dressed to the nines on Saturday night, in a black and silver short cocktail dress.  They resumed their play pattern from last night, but they were looking for something different.  They would find it later in the evening.

The Hispanic woman was against the right hand wall, and was getting groped.  Several sets of hands fondled her full breasts, her curvy ass, and (from what I could see), her pussy.  To be honest, I wasn't sure she knew what she wanted, nor did the guys know what to do with her. 

Only in large adult theaters can the next scene take place (and what makes the closing of The Westwood significant).  As the Hispanic woman was being frisked by the Joe Friday's against the right hand side, the "Plain Couple" made their way down front, this time to the left hand side and found a place to set up shop. Her celebrity look-a-like would be a 20-something version of Melissa Gilbert with longer straighter hair and glasses.  She appeared to be about 5'0", and maybe 95 lbs.

The Last Westwood Photo
(on my way out for the last time)
The rugby scrum changed directions and headed for them, as they positioned themselves for some video taping of her giving blowjobs.  With cameras rolling, she went right to it, sucking one cock to completion, and then onto the next as she sat in the theater seat.  In the middle of this, who should move down next to them but JVA and her guy.  It was clear at this point that this was an exhibitionist couple only, as JVA sat in front of her guy and sucked his cock while Melissa Gilbert worked for the camera.  It was like watching a tennis match, following the ball from side to side.

Time was winding down on the evening and at the Westwood... The Couples Corral was thinning out, and the throng of guys was cut down by about a third.  As the last blowjob was being finished in the CC by the busty blonde on her guy, I noticed Melissa Gilbert and her guy moved back up to the CC and take a breather.  I took this as that they were finished for the night, but I was wrong.

As I was moving towards the exit, I looked over my shoulder just in time to see Melissa and her guy move to the back wall (mentioned earlier).  She proceeded to get on her knees, pull her hair back into a ponytail, and get into position to suck the last cocks at the Westwood.  The last image I had of her were the guys moving in, and the soft glow of the light of their video camera. 

It was 11:45pm, and time to leave The Westwood.  I took a last look around the lobby, taking a mental snapshot of one of the last large adult theaters anywhere.  The crowd was large this last night, easily the 2nd largest crowd I have ever seen at an adult theater (one night at the Oregon Theater in Portland was larger, but that's another story). 

If this were a baseball game, and one wanted a box score for the second game (Saturday night) of this double header, it would be:
  • 11 Couples
  • 2 Single Women
  • 9 Couples Playing
  • 4 Couples Playing in the Gen Pop
  • 1 Bukkake

This was a fitting finale for The Westwood Art Theatre. The action was hardcore at times; teasing at other times. It also provided the type of theater sex one can only experience at large adult theaters, where there are pockets of play, with their own individual dynamic.  Small theaters/mini theaters cannot pull this off.

If you were one of the couples playing at the Westwood on it's last night, I'd love to hear from you and get your take on the evening.  E-mail The Good Doctor at, and tell me your story. 

Lastly, a big thank-you to Journal reporter Curly for his photos of the inside of the Westwood, taken earlier that week.  They greatly helped paint the picture of The Westwood's last night.

Good-bye, Westwood. I hardly knew ye.


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