Semper Fi With Old Marine Corps Guy: Phoenix Overview & Report

Doc here...When it comes to having the most experience in this thing of ours, one would be hard pressed to surpass Old Marine Corps Guy in seniority.  His history in the adult theater scene goes back to the early 70's, and his stories published here and elsewhere are things of legend (remember the report on the 80's TV celebrity OMCG would run into at The Pussycat Theater on Santa Monica Blvd. in LA?). 

His following report was prompted by Darkangel's recent report on Personal Preference in Mesa, AZ.  As OMCG covers the Arizona adult theater scene like a blanket, he offers up this follow-up report.

Enjoy Old Marine Corps Guy's terrific report on the Phoenix scene...



I just read Darkangel’s report on her visit to Personal Preference in Mesa, AZ.  I’m glad she had a good time there, but am sorry I was not there to welcum her to the Wild Wild West.

PP is undoubtedly the most couple’s friendly spot in the “Valley of the Sun”.  The owner (Ray) and all of his staff are players and they know how to run a good theater.  The comfort level there is very high because of how they operate and provide good service to their customers (especially the couples and single ladies who come in) plus, the couches and loveseats they have in both of the theaters make it REAL comfy.

When I first visited Phoenix in 1981 (on my way Yuma Marine Corps Air Station), I made a point of finding all the theaters in the valley  Back then ALL of the theaters had couches in them, and there were quite a few theaters then.  I had never seen theaters with couches in them before and believe me; it makes for some great play action.

Personal Preference
Mesa, AZ
Like Darkangel said, they have couples only nights on Tuesday’s and Saturday’s.  Saturdays are usually fairly well turned out with (average) 10-12 couples.  The MFM that Dark mentioned can only happen on couple’s nights if a couple requests to have a single guy come in with them.  I’ve had that happen a couple of times and it can get pretty wild.

About a year ago a couple who are members of my group and I arranged to meet there on a Saturday night.  As soon as we walked in I counted 5 couples already in the theater and 4 of them were already going at it hot and heavy.  The three of us settled down and watched the action for a bit before starting in ourselves.  Lori (hubby Glen) is a true exhibitionist and stood up and took off her clothes.  She is a short lady with short dirty blond hair (at true blond, by the way ;) ) with a nice trim figure, small boobs but one of the all time great asses around.

As soon as she was naked she started walking around and showing off (it’s a small theater, so there’s not too much walking required).  She settled at another younger Hispanic couple’s couch, who were already naked too, and sat down and started playing with herself.  Glen got up and went over and stood at her end of the couch and she started sucking him off while the other couple was watching and fingering and stroking each other.  Glen asked if they wanted to switch and they did.  Both couples started playing and then fucked.

I was watching all this and stroking my cock from another couch when a black couple who had been on a couch on the side wall came over and sat next to me.  She was 40(ish), a little heavy, but with a GREAT BIG pair of boobies that had some of the longest nipples I’ve ever seen.  She said that she saw me come in with Lori and Glen, but that I looked lonely sitting here by myself and wanted to know if I would like a blowjob. I had seen her sucking on her man and one of the other men in the theater earlier and it looked like she REALLY knew what she was doing.  I leaned back, smiled and waved Mr. Willie at her and she just dove right down and went to work.  And, I was right; she REALLY knew what she was doing.  I tried to get to her pussy do return the favor but her man said that she doesn’t do that….only blowjobs.  Soooo, I just relaxed and let her do her (and my) thing.  And she did it VERY well.  After about 15 minutes I told her I was ready to cum and she just increased her mouth and tongue action until I came in her mouth and she stayed on it to the last drop.  One of the top 10 blowjobs I’ve ever had.

When she was done, I said thank you and they went back to their couch and started getting dressed.  Lori and Glen had finished fucking the Hispanic couple and were standing to the side and watching while the lady was sucking my dick.  It was getting near time for the (as Darkangel said) horn dogs to be allowed in (11:00PM) so we got dressed and left too.

For anyone interested in theaters in Phoenix, there are 8 here in the valley, but they are all small and really only 4 of them get some regular action and PP is undoubtedly the best of the bunch.

Semper Fi


Doc here again... Thanks again to Old Marine Corps Guy for the update of the Phoenix adult theater scene.  This is one area of the country The Good Doctor has yet to visit, and reports like this make me want to push it to the top of my bucket list. 

Do you have an adult theater report (just like Old Marine Corps Guy had)?  Just e-mail Lou Ferrigno The Good Doctor at I will edit and format your report, and it will look like a million bucks when it gets posted.  Submit 3 reports, and you get your own custom banner!

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