New Feature: "Jessi Is A Bad, Bad Girl" (with 15 Hardcore Pics!)

Doc here with a warning: Fasten your seat belts, because this new feature "Jessi is a Bad, Bad Girl" is hardcore. One read of her opening comments will solidify this in your mind.

I have run into Jessi at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN on a few occasions.  In her visits there, she will camp out in the gloryhole booths with a singular focus: Draining every cock that comes through the opening in the wall.  She is exactly what she purports to be: A hot, naughty, and nasty theater and gloryhole slut.

But don't take my word on this... Let Jessi tell you in her own words and pictures.


Hey guys,  I'm Jessi. I'm a very slutty married mother of multiple kids. I am in a very open marriage and love fucking total stangers. I go to gloryholes, swing clubs, bars, clubs, and meet men online. I have been with my hubby for 9 years and in that time alone I have fucked over 3000 blk men. That is not counting white guys or repeats. And yes I have been doing this for a lot longer than that.

I have always been slutty since I was young. And yes I do perfer black cock. Always have. And bareback. Love having my pussy filled. Don't worry about knocking me up. Not like I would have any idea who the dad is anyway. I do gangbangs, women, bi men, strangers, hell pretty much anything with a cock or pussy.

I do like to party a lot and hard. I was as stripper for many years and loved it. And yes we did a lot more than just dance. LOL! I perfer to meet in person with blk men that live close enough to me to just come over fill me up then go home. I am not looking for a realtionship or anything like that. Just hit it and quit it. Don't get me wrong guys I do like white cock too. Just perfer blk cock.

If you have been with me at CTs Adult Theater (Gary, IN) or Theatair X (Clarksville, IN), you know what a skank I am. I'll gladly swallow any cock that comes thru the hole and then turn around and ride it till it cums deep in me. I don't like or want to be treated like a "good girl".  I'm a slut skank mother and love being treated like one.

Right now I'm a blonde and I have B cup tits. Not the biggest but still alot of fun. Now my cunt is gigantic. My hubbs fist fucks me super deep and hard. Which I love. I love being loose as hell cause then any cock can get in me even soft. I always laugh when a guy is fucking me and says how "tight" I am. BULLSHIT!!! LOL. Always feel free to say hi somethime. Even if you don't live close we can still be online friends. Oh and if you do live close to me and see me out. PLEASE feel free to walk right up to me and hit on me. I have been picked up everywhere from the mall to Walmart to a gas station. And most guys are doing me within 10 minutes of meeting me.

Take care guys.



Doc here again.. Still not convinced?  How about 15 hardcore pics? One photo was SO hardcore I can't even post it! (NOTE: Click on the pics to ENLARGE them, since they are hi-res)

Doc here once again... I wasn't kidding with the title of this series.  Jessi is as hardcore as anyone I have ever run across in this thing of ours. So hardcore, as a matter of fact, that she welcomes readers of this article to e-mail her at Tell her what you think of her HOT picture gallery, or her slutty ways.

Stay tuned for Round 2 of "Jessi is a Bad, Bad Girl", coming to an adult theater centric blog near you. 

You are welcome.

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