Quick Note From The Good Doctor: Topic - Barnett Avenue Superstore, San Diego

From the desk of The Good Doctor...

A note was just slid under my office door stating that the Barnett Avenue Superstore Adult Theater in San Diego is now COUPLES FREE on Fridays.  The information is sketchy if it's all day on Friday, or just certain times. 
Barnett Avenue Adult Superstore
3610 Barnett Ave., San Diego

Barnett has one of the best adult theater set-ups in this thing of ours. They have two separate theaters, each with approximately 40-50 recliner chairs in each auditorium.  It is a very good place for couples to play, and the staff keeps the store and theater very clean.  The attached ABS may possibly be the nicest I have ever seen, with excellent merchandising, separate departments (a large shoe department stands out), and a friendly staff.

If you have any additional information (hours, etc.) on "Couples Free Fridays" at Barnett Ave., please e-mail The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. I will make sure to publish any new information you have on this terrific adult theater.

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