The Good Doctor's Spotlight Adult Theater: Olmos Theatre in San Antonio, TX

The newest Spotlight Adult Theater here at the Journal is the long closed Olmos Theatre in San Antonio, TX.   The reason I have chosen this theater is that a) There is a nice photographic record of it's days as an XXX house, b) The building is still standing, and c) How the theater has been re-purposed.

The Stats (from Cinema Treasures)
Style: Stream Moderne
Seating: 700
Screen: Single
Address: 4205 San Pedro Avenue, San Antonio TX
Status: Closed 1987
Date of top photo: 1984

The Story (courtesy of a poster on Cinema Treasures)
The Olmos Theatre auditorium was long and narrow. It had a large screen with a gold curtain. The walls were adorned with floral patterned artwork. It had no balcony.

When I was a kid in the late 50s and early 60s, it seemed that every time I went to see a Disney picture it played at the Olmos. It was the flagship of the Santikos Theatre chain that once owned and operated the vast majority of San Antonio theatres. Unfortunately the Olmos spent it’s last days as an X rated movie theatre in the mid 80s.

The San Antonio College of Dental and Medical Assistants now holds class in the old Olmos building.

The Photos (Note: Click on the images to enlarge)

Olmos Theatre - 1984

San Antonio College of Dental and Medical Assistants - 2011

Olmos Theatre Poster Showcase

Olmos Theatre Snack Bar
(check out the Sprite Sign and it's message at the bottom!)

I hope you have enjoyed this latest edition of The Good Doctor's Spotlight Adult Theater.  Do you have a suggestion for the next Spotlight Adult Theater?  Please e-mail me at with the theater, and if you happen to have any stories about the theater, or a photo or two, even better!


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