Blast From The Past! Jim & Chris @ Stars Theater in Houston (with HOT PICS!)

Doc here with what may be my favorite report of 2011, and an early Christmas present for you, the good readers of The Journal... Jim & Chris, now senior reporters here at The Journal, are legendary in the adult theater scene, and have been for many years.  You have probably seen Chris' pics on the internet, in Yahoo Groups, or elsewhere where adult theater pics have been hosted. 

What makes this report so cool is that Jim is now giving us context for the pics, and a location they were taken: The former Stars Theater in Houston, in the early 1990's.  The theater was demolished in 2007, and I have pics of it when it was a XXX house, and during it's demolition (that Jim alludes to in the report).  I will drop the demolition pics in at the end of the report.

Fasten your seat belts for this report... Here is Jim and Chris and their Blast From The Past, plus their pics from this actual event (click to ENLARGE them)!!!


These picture were taken around 20 years ago at the Stars Theater in Houston, TX on Telephone Rd. before it was closed and torn down. I've shared these pictures with others through the years but never told the story behind them. 

Stars Theater
Houston, TX c. 1983
My wife and I used to go there a few times a year when we were there from out of town.  We loved it there.  The theater had a balcony that seemed to be alot of fun and a bit more private even though it was open to anyone, couples and singles.  

This particular time with these photos, we'd gotten there and sat down, with several guys quickly crowding around us.  I always got her partly undressed if not naked and she always dressed for easy access and/or quick disrobing. The dress she had on pulled down exposing her tits and she could lift it up to her waist too.  As the guys sat all around us, they started touching her and feeling her and soon found out that I wasn't going to stop it and she wasn't either.

After many minutes of everyone feeling her up, she want to the balcony restroom and walked with her dress off below her tits and the skirt up around her waist.  I loved her flaunting her nakedness and showing off.  A few of the guys stayed in their seats while others followed her up to the back area.   I waited a few minutes and then went to make sure she was ok.  

I met her just as she was coming out of the restroom and one guy followed her out.  I asked her what had happened and she said he just followed her in and didn't encroach on her, just wanted to watch her, she left the stall door open and just let him watch.  At the back, there was a half wall behind the last row of chairs and we just stood behind it and watched the movie and the other guys for a while. 

It wasn't long before everyone knew we hadn't sat back down and were just standing in the back and every one started milling around her again.  She soon had guys feeling her, sucking her nipples and eating her pussy as she stood.   After several minutes of playing there, she wanted to sit and she told a black guy to come with her as she found him appealing. 

After sitting and letting him play with her and feel her up, another guy came to her and asked to eat her pussy. She was so horny that she told him to sit and she took off her dress completely and sat on his lap and laid back to suck the black guy.   It wasn't long til she was humping the guys face and cumming, being very vocal and making everyone in the whole theater aware that she was getting off.

When she was done, the guy eating her said something and left. She kept sucking and licking the black guy and he soon was cumming, shooting on her tits.  He told her thanks and left.  We had many other fun times there and we'll relate them later.

Jim & Chris


Doc here again... When we look at adult theater sex pics from past and present, we never really know what the story was behind the pics.  Was it something the couples did every weekend night?  Was this a once in a lifetime event?

With what Jim & Chris have given us, which is peak inside their approach to theater sex, as well as documenting the evening, is something special.  This is the kind of thing that really can't happen anymore (except at the Art Cinema in Hartford & Cinema L'Amour in Montreal), which is balcony fun at a classic old school theater.

A HUGE thank you to Jim & Chris for yet another peak inside the carnal adventures of one of the most famous adult theater women on the internet.

I promised you a glimpse of what happened to the Stars Theater in Houston after it closed.  First, a pic of the abandoned theater interior and what remained of the balcony where Jim & Chris played...

And then the actual demolition of Stars Theater in 2007...

And as typical with old adult theaters, nothing replaced the building.  Google Street View shows an empty lot with weeds growing in it.  Just think of the many theaters we have played in or watched others play in throughout the years.  I bet many ended up like Stars Theater, a ruin that represented a much more liberal time in all of our lives.

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