Coming Attraction! Want To Spend New Year's Eve With Gloryhole Nancy? (w/ 2 BRAND NEW Pics!)

Doc here with an announcement from the super-hot Gloryhole Nancy... Doing anything exciting for New Year's Eve?  I bet it won't be as exciting as what Nancy has in mind... And if you don't believe me, I have included two brand new Gloryhole Nancy pics to convince you of what a good idea it is to spend part of NYE with her.

Here is T and Nancy to explain what they have planned for NYE...


Hi there Doc,

Just wanted to send a few teaser pics your way. Been very busy with our families these last 2 days but I hope to get a new report to you by tomorrow evening.  In the meantime here are a couple pics of Nancy doing her thing:) 

We are planning on hosting a gloryhole party on New Years Eve at our hotel, as we have a "travel" gloryhole that we can set up in a doorway. It's wood and of good quality, and Nancy will be waiting behind the hole when you walk in and all you have to do is stick it through and let her work her magic with her mouth (LOL).

Of course, we'll be taking pics/video, now all we need are the cocks......if you know of any hung studs in the Detroit area who want to experience Nancy in a non-rushed and private location, send them our way!  Have a good one Doc, get back to you soon with the details of our last bookstore adventure.

T & N


Doc here again... Make sure you check out Gloryhole Nancy's Yahoo Group (the link is located on the right hand side of The Journal under "Link-O-Rama").  So kids, if you are in the Detroit area on New Year's Eve, hop over to the Yahoo Group and shoot them a message.

Party hats and noisemakers are optional.

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