Flash Report! 2nd Report on Friday Night at CTs (AKA "Occupy CTs") in Gary by Mocha Pickle

Doc here with report #2 from CTs Adult Theater in Gary about Friday night with PurePleasure and The Dr by 2nd time contributor, Mocha Pickle. sit back and enjoy this report from the crazy scene at CTs in Gary.



Another great night at CT's. Wonderful mixed crowd of laid back men (black and white, young and old) ready to satiate the carnal desires of a randy lass with class. And, gosh, was she classy.

CTs Adult Theater, Gary IN

The lady, wearing nothing but leather boots, diamond stud earrings and a smile to light the darkest corners of the intimate theater, kept her legs in the air and took on all "covered" cocks, draining every dick dry -- On the gyno table. Bent over the theater seats. Handjobs. Blowjobs. Pussy like moist velvet heaven. God bless her and God Bless America.

It should be noted the night was not without controversy:

A couple discovered their wallet missing. How this happened isn't important in that it was returned promptly. But I want to remind everyone that strange things happen in the dark. Eyes are everywhere, watching and waiting, ready to take advantage of an unattended valuable. I'd recommend keeping your valuables locked in the trunk of your car. But if you must bring them in the theater, keep your eyes on your prizes. Ok.

On another note, remember that one bad apple spoils the bunch. I saw first-hand a guy fondling a woman who was not on the menu that night. He was warned once, then he did it again. Not cool, dude. He promptly got the fuck out of dodge. Smart move, friend.

Point being, the theater is a place to live out HER fantasy. As men, we're just props. And that's okay. These women don't know you. They have the right to make as many rules as they want in order to feel safe and comfortable. If you don't like the rules, just leave her alone. Simple. 99% of the men understand this. If you're the 1% that doesn't, and you're not good with opening your mouth and asking her what's-what before putting your hands or dick somewhere they don't belong, you're gonna have a big problem on your hands. From everybody.

Don't ruin it for the 99%. We got enough problems. #OccupyCT's

Mocha Pickle, out.


The Journal is lucky to have 3 excellent reporters covering the scene at CTs Adult Theater in Gary: Mocha Pickle, The Back Row Reporter, and HnR.  Both Mocha and Back Row have reported on PurePleasure and The Dr's visit on Friday 12/16.  I was a night for the ages from what I heard, but we got the next best thing: wall to wall coverage by The Journal's reporters.

Nicely done MP!

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