Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi's Holiday Report for 12/17/11

Good Morning Ladies and Elves, Doc here with this week's Holiday Edition of Cruising the Coast With Bob in Biloxi.  The stocking have been hung by the chimney with care, but did Bob fill anyone's stocking this weekend?

Here is Bob's tale of the tape...


Hi Doc,

Well the Christmas season seems to be putting playtime on a back burner. A grand total of only six couples showed during a 12 hr period Saturday at the Gulf Coast Adult Theater. Of those six, two played - one was the German Couple. The other was a black couple that came in around 10pm. From about 8pm to 12am three more couples came in, one lady was pleasuring her man on the front couch when one guy stuck his finger in her rear, she turned around and told him that will be twenty bucks to play in that area. He removed his finger and shortly thereafter they left.

Bob in Biloxi
One other couple was present during this time, she was a nice looking lady that other patrons present Friday said she played. Not the case last night. She was sure dressed for it, nice looking polka dotted blouse with stretch pants and boots, but she only played pocket pool with her man. Around 11pm another couple came in and sat on the same row, she was nice looking as well (rumor had it that they wanted to get together), but no movement from the polka dotted lady. The new lady was trying to get her attention, her man was playing in her blouse and blue jeans, but to no avail.

At closing time, polka dotted lady and her man scooted toward the door and never looked back. Guess there was no chemistry there. Later one guy who talked to blue jean lady and her man was told that it was her first time. Having said that I still don’t think there was much interest on the polka dotted lady side. The last couple told my scout she thought that one of the black guys standing up staring at them was a security guard! Never stops, does it Doc? Idiocy at its best.

Zero couples again at the ABS, however a foursome of lesbians showed up rubber dick shopping. It was obvious who the females of the foursome were, and they were dressed to the nines in the very best fuck me outfits with all the curves and bumps in the right place. At one time, it was speculated they may go in the back for some real cock, that didn’t happen. In fact it appeared they may go down on each other in the DVD aisle, but they soon left.

Slim to no pickings on our beautiful Gulf Coast this weekend. I sure hope that Christmas spirit spills over to my side next weekend.



Doc here again... In recapping this week's action across the country, it was feast or famine.  Some locations it was hopping (15th Ave in Chicago, The Paris Friday night/Saturday afternoon), but at other locations it was very slow.  It's to be expected this time of year. 

I wonder how Boxing Day will be? (Velvet Skye, your opinion?)

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