Flash Report: Bob in Biloxi's Weekly Report

Doc here with this week's installment of Cruising The Coast with Bob in Biloxi.
Hey Doc,
The hits just keep coming. I got a call around 3pm from one of my scouts asking me when I was headed to the coast. He told me he’d been on scene since noon and had already received two blow jobs. I will tell you a monstrous weather front was passing through our area dumping untold amounts of rain. He seemed excited that the couples were stirring about to avoid a huge case of cabin fever. So with much anticipation I left home port around 5pm and was on station just after 7 pm. Yes, it was still coming down in buckets.
My first stop as always was the our little theater. I dropped off some stuff the owner wanted and while doing so spoke to the clerk, who said it had been dead all day. I ran into another scout who confirmed that, so I headed down the street to the ABS. I went inside and paid the 12 hour fee ($8.00) and asked the clerk if anything was moving in the back. He knows what I mean, and just said “not yet“. I retreated to the dry confines of the HD truck and waited.
About 8:30pm a fire lady appeared. I know this because their truck was decked with all kinds of fireman’s slogans and decals. They went inside and paid the fee and as in was the case last weekend, one of the cock blockers jumped into a booth beside me effectively sending the couple to another booth. As luck would have it, they were next to a scout, who peeked out the door after she serviced him to make sure it was me he was relinquishing the booth too. He had a big smile on his face and was shaking his head, so I’m getting the impression she’s got game. Good Job on his part, I do return the favor by the way, just the nature of our business here. So I peeked through the hole and she was blowing her guy.
I fed my cock through the hole and soon felt her wet mouth on my cock, she started out fast, FYI if a woman does that and I don’t say anything I soon become numb and nothing gets done. So I asked her to slow down, what happened next was like what I think it would be like to win the lottery. It seemed she went into worship mode, she used her tongue to swirl around my whole cock, gently taking in it her throat and moaning, next she would run her tongue along the entire length and make kissing noises on the head, slow and deliberate like she was on a mission.

This went on for a good 15 minutes, coaxing, edging and soothing to beyond a rigid stage. Finally sensing I was about to blow, she went deep in her throat as I unloaded a massive amount of Bob’s Special Baby batter that seemed to come from the top of my spinal cord all the way out my cock.
I could hear her giggling on the other side, she said wow, and that’s a compliment to me I think? I bent down to the hole and said “thank you ma am” (I always do, it’s the polite thing to do, and I’m a very polite guy) She said you’re very welcome, come back anytime. A very nice lady.
At about 11 pm I went down to the theater, and there was a guy who is a regular who brings his GF in all the time but this was a different GF. He’s kind of strange, in that he can go from hot to get his GF laid to “no touchy”. This GF was definitely dressed to play, she was blonde, very tall (5’10?) in heels, black fuck me dress and wide fishnet body stocking. He played with her on the back couch for a few minutes before lifting her dress, revealing black panties.
They soon drew a crowd which shut her down, so they left and yep went down the street to the ABS. At cock blocker heaven they took a booth that soon was filled with, yep, you guessed it, cock blockers. At one point there were 5 cock blockers in the adjacent booth, all trying to peer through a 2 inch hole in the wall? Maybe he just wanted onlookers and no participation, if so, that’s exactly what he got. 5 Rocket polishers watching his cock fuck pussy. Each to his own through, I didn’t care I was already light on my feet and left around 11:30 pm for the two hour drive home. One of my scouts phoned and said they didn’t come out of their booth until 12:15am, 15 minutes after closing, and did nothing but show off and fuck between themselves. That’s a shame because she was an attractive lady, maybe next time?
That’s about it from the beautiful Gulf Coast Doc. Total couple count: Theater = 5 , ABS = 4.
Until next weekend, I will try and keep it between the ditches.

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