Flash Report! A Trampboy's 3-Way Intersection - Part 1

Doc here with the latest Flash report from regular contributor, A Trampboy.

This report has a few twists and turns...


Hello Doctor,

I have been seeing a woman, married as I am, for a little over a year. We are very well matched sexually and get along well besides that.The down side is that we are about 300 miles apart…. So our get together s are not as frequent as we would like but when we do we do enjoy them.

We had been talking about some of the things we might like to try, we both got into this arrangement through a lack of satisfaction at home and a feeling that there just had to be more to sex than what we had experienced, and that it was now or never to find out if it was all a bunch of hype, or if we had both been missing out.

We me when I posted on Craigslist a couple weeks before visiting her town for work that I was looking for, interested in, a woman or couple to spend some time with sexually while I was there. I posted rather halfheartedly as I really didn’t expect to receive any sort of response.

Well surprise surprise I did get an email a couple days later expressing interest in maybe meeting. We exchanged emails, chatted and finally talked on the phone over the next several days. We soon decided that we did want to meet, both very intrigued by the other through our various conversations.

Over the next week plus until I was to be there the anticipation grew and we learned more and more about each other’s likes and what we were each hoping to get out of the upcoming visit.
I won’t go into a lot of detail about that first visit because this is about our most recent adventure together. I got an email from her with only a link to a Craigslist posting – ‘Wanted, a guy, or couple, to watch us, and maybe join in. We are married, but not to each other so you must be discrete……etc’, oh, and she went on to ask about the various adult establishments in town. To say I was shocked would be an understatement.

We had talked about others, seeing and being seen, but always in the context of an on premise swing club, someplace we had options should we get cold feet or ???? Initially I thought it was another ad that she was pointing out to gauge my interest in responding, nope, it was her ad! As you can imagine there was a pretty good response, primarily guys but one or two couples were interested enough to respond anyway. We sifted through the responses looking for a likely candidate, slowly filtering down to one guy who she felt she could be comfortable with.

The two of them began to chat via yahoo messenger and eventually I was included in the chats, getting to know a little bit about each other and setting out her ground rules. The lucky guy is about her age, mid40s, black, and married. He seemed like a nice guy and knew quite a bit about the various adult establishments in town. She and I also talked about how far did she want to go, how did we want to make it happen, were we sure, all of that sort of thing.

Since we live fairly far apart we had several weeks to chicken out but we didn’t, the chats continued, the planning, the excitement building. Then one night she very nervously asked me if she should meet him ahead of time for lunch, ‘or something’. He had asked but she wasn’t sure she wanted to do that or not, and the reality of the situation was beginning to dawn on her. I told her that it was her call and then told him the same thing later that night when he asked me if that would be ok. They decided to meet for lunch one day later in the week.

Their ‘lunch’ ended up being necking in his car and ahandjob…. That evening he was reluctant to talk about lunch but she was not!She was very excited and more determined than ever to make this happen. He was more nervous and afraid I would pull the plug on the deal, as if I could….
The plan we cooked up was for she and I to go to one of the adult theaters in town, he was familiar with all of them and gave us a good rundown on the different ones and good directions to each, where we could watch the movie and do some light playing around, or more if so moved. He would join us there and at some point we would return to my hotel room for more.

When I arrived in town late on a Thursday night, she sent me a text asking me to go and verify the theater so I could find it the next night and so we could be sure it would be ‘ok’. So I did, the guy running the place was very pleasant, let me know that couples were in free, didn’t warn against being openly sexual, etc. A promising start! I paid and went in to the theater itself and found it to be as Tom (our ‘victim’) had described, a large room with several couches arrayed in concentric semi circles facing the screen and the back wall portioned into four semi private cubicles, each with a couch facing the screen. When I entered there were several guys scattered around the place, one in one of the cubicles openly stroking his cock, pants down around his ankles, the others in the open area watching and more furtively stroking.

I sat down to watch for a bit and see what, if anything might develop. Tom had mentioned to me that he had occasionally found playing couples in there, some interested in adding one or more guys to their fun. Sometime later I gave up and returned to the hotel.

Early the next morning Dee showed up, I always leave a key for her in my car so she can let herself in the room, and slipped into bed with me. Excited as she always is and very ready to play. We spent some time in the hotel getting reacquainted and just enjoying each other’s touch. She always cums so enthusiastically, and vocally, and this morning was no exception. In fact, as we were resting between her orgasms we heard our neighbors next door taking up where we left off! It became dueling bed springs there for a while but they apparently had to check out and get moving whereas we did not so we continued on…

We spent an enjoyable day together but were both distracted by the upcoming evening. Several times we talked about how to do this and how to do that, what if this and so on. We had decided to head to the theater about9 that evening, he would join us between 930 and 10 and we’d see what happened after that. We lay down for a nap mid afternoon and actually got a few minutes of sleep but mostly played.

Time to go! We walked in the place and headed to the theater, I waved to the desk guy and he buzzed us in. As we entered and let our eyes adjust we were disappointed to see only three or four guys in the theater,but it was early so we made our way down to one of the couches in the back row near an older guy sitting in a chair along the wall. She sat at the end of the couch closest the wall and I say next to her, we began watching the movie,which ironically was a mfm with one of the guys being black, but soon I felt her hand on my leg and she turned me to kiss her. As I did my hand went to her breast and she released my pants, fishing for my cock. Wow! I thought, she’sreally going to do this!

And I began unbuttoning her shirt and then her jeans,sliding them down her legs as I did. I moved between her legs and began to taste her very wet pussy, tugging and teasing her erect nipples. The gent against the wall moved closer and behind her so he could watch more clearly.She held my head to her pussy, her legs on my shoulders and her moans began to get louder as her first orgasm approached. I felt her legs squeezing me as her ass came up off the couch and her moan became a wail as she came….

As she started to come down from her first orgasm she grabbed me by the face and pulled me up to kiss her, she loves tasting herself on my lips and in my beard and she got a good taste this time. As she caught her breath I moved up next to her and we swapped places, but rather than her kneeling on the floor she knelt on the couch, her ass up, jeans off, as she swallowed my hard cock. Several guys were now standing behind her openly stroking as they watched her, Tom sat down next to me to watch as well.

We took turns, she would suck on my cock and then I would eat her pussy and we’d switch back. At some point during a brief lull, Tom introduced himself to me. At some point she whispered to me that she was ready to head out so we put ourselves more or less back together. The gent who had been sitting against the wall when we came in and who had been the first to move closer and watch, came over to visit, thanking her for the fun.

Tom was obviously excited, anticipating heading back to the room with us. Our plan was to give him a key and the room number and ask him to give us about 10-15minutes before letting himself in. We thought we’d start and we’d already Benito one another when he entered but it didn't quite work out that way. After giving him the key and room number he bolted out of the theater as we were gathering up our stuff and she finally yelled at him across the theater to wait up. We explained that we wanted to get there and for him to join us in the room in a bit but he was waiting outside the room when we got there so we just went in together.

We had arranged a chair next to the bed for him and after brief awkward few minutes Dee laughed and pulled me to the bed and slid out of her clothes. Tom sat back in the chair and watched her reach out and released my belt before laying back on the bed smiling. I joined her and we melted intone another as we generally do, as I took her nipple between my teeth I saw that Tom had slid his pants off and was slowly stroking himself as he watched intently. I moved back down between her legs and sucked her clit into my mouth,and my fingers slid into her wet pussy. She was very much into it and her moans were building once more.

I swung over her into a 69 and she greedily stuffed my cock into her mouth as I continued eating her wet pussy. Her hands went to my ass and she pulled me down tightly against her face, taking me deep into her mouth and throat. Urging me to fuck her face as I continued eating her. I love that she can cum from sucking me and as she continued to pull me in deep she began to moan around my cock as she came once more.

She reached down and pulled my face to hers to taste herself and whispered ‘fuck me’ with an incredibly intense expression on her face, her eyes blazing. I knew she want it hard and deep so I slid into her fully on the first stroke.  I pounded into her and watched her flush as her next orgasm built and then washed over her. She was cumming so intensely and so frequently that I was not able to stay with anything long enough to cum myself, but I didn't care. Tom didn’t seem to mind either…

~End of Part 1~


Doc here... Part 2 goes up tomorrow afternoon at 3pm CDT.

Your old buddy in the white suit and shades,
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