Cathy's Summer Road Trip 2012 Starts Friday in Hartford!

Doc here, holding his starter's pistol, as Cathy from begins her Summer Road Trip 2012 Today Friday 7/27 in Hartford's Art Cinema.

Let's start this road trip off with a (gang) bang!  The good people of Hartford (who have read The Journal), are excited to meet Cathy and to see what she has up her sleeve. My guess? Cathy is up to her old shennigans again...

So get out there and show your support to Cathy!And, if the opportunity presents itself, tell Cathy and her hubby "Doc Sent Me".

Make sure you check out the banner on the right hand side of The Journal.  The full adult theater schedule awaits you.

OK, how about 6 white hot pics of "Cathy being Cathy" (Click to Enbiggen!)


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