Flash Report! Bob In Bolixi's Excellent Hotel Adventure (w/PICS!)

Doc here with our good friend, Bob in Biloxi, and a report from a different perspective.

Instead of reporting from The Gulf Coast Adult Theater, or the ABS down the street, Bob checks in from a beautiful hotel, and with the beautiful Red Headed Goddess (featured in prior BinB reports).

It's always good to mix things up, and this report is a great example that if you play your cards right, the fun found inside an adult theater can migrate to an encounter like this one.

Bob was nice enough to include 5 HOT PICS of the event.  As always, click on the pics to ENLARGE them.

Here he is, Bob in Biloxi...


This is a Biloxi report, of sorts. As our readers may remember, I’ve written about a Red Headed Goddess before in the past. Her exploits as an accomplished glory hole gal, with her gentle technique and soft curvy ass pounding the wall of one of the booths at our quaint little ABS with the renovated pleasure holes, against my very grateful cock are well documented.

There comes a time (hopefully at least some of our readers have experienced this) that a couple will take a liking to you and invite you back to their place or in this case a hotel room.

I’ve been fortunate with the Red Headed Goddess in that they will let me know when they are going and what time to meet them. After several meets (chronicled in The Good Doctor's blog) it was suggested by the Goddess's hubby that I should open up a dialog with the Goddess herself via text and phone calls.

After several weeks of flirting and sexting, a day and time was set. 7/13/2012, commonly known as Friday the 13th! I know that is supposed to be a bad luck day for people subscribing to that folklore. I don’t happened to be one of those.

The Goddess admitted to me she was a shy and reserved woman, using the glory hole to fill a void that gave her the anonymity she required to bring out her inner sex goddess. And while she fulfilled that role admirably there was something missing, as she relayed to me she enjoyed my hands gently stroking her shaved pussy and round bottom. While she was hesitant to meet face to face, I kept reminding her of the barrier at the ABS that prevented more touching, more caressing, more contact in general. She was worried that I would not be as gentle with her as I had been in the past. But after several “talks”, I think I eased her concerns and she actually started looking forward to our meet.

Friday arrived as it always does, and I checked into a rather posh hotel on the beach and waited. I texted her to let her know of my arrival and the room number (222) overlooking the beautiful Gulf of Mexico!! Later she texted me back advising she and hubby were on the way!

A tap at my door later, the Goddess appeared wearing (CFM) high heels with a very pretty dress, a bra pushing her ample tits out of the plunging neckline. As she and her hubby entered I asked this little 5’3 petite red headed to walk over to the window and come back. This gave me an opportunity to fully check out this hot little number! I have to tell you Doc, as good as she looks at the ABS when she enters, she looked like dynamite in front of me live and in color!

After some small talk we sat down on the king sized bed, then I laid down and she started her gentle ways on my poor aching cock. I got her to straddle me (fully clothed still) and unleash those beautiful breasts not a foot away from my face!! I began to fondle then suck those wonderful tits until she had enough and the rest of her clothes started coming off.

I had informed her in earlier texts that I was an accomplished "cunning linguist", having trained at several exclusive lesbian resorts, and that’s the first place she shoved my head!! I did not disappoint as she came after several tricks I had up my sleeve. Administered over a short period of time. Her fears of me being to rough were dispelled and after that she seemed to loosen up and actually start enjoying herself. I was then treated to one of her patent-pending blowjobs, complete with her gentle technique and very hot wet mouth! I took some pleasure in the fact that she would try and get too much down her throat and gag slightly, but she found her comfortable depth after a few tries and it turned into heaven! After she was satisfied my cock was a full mast, she moved up and impaled herself very slowly down the full length of my cock, I actually hit bottom and then some. I was rewarded with a deep moan and her beautiful smile.

Soon we got into a rhythm and it wasn’t long before she had the second orgasm of the night. Tiring she rolled me over on top of her and I started the bump and grind from the top, bringing her to a third orgasm and soon I came as well. She’s as tight as a glove and wet as a hot tub!!

After resting for a while, she started playing with my cock, and seeing it on the rise again took me into that wonderful mouth again, soaking my cock with her sugar. I’d had enough and rolled her onto her back and entered in one swift motion all the way to the bottom. From here I started hitting it pretty heavy and hard, bringing her to her fourth orgasm of the night and my second one!!

After the dust settled, her and I took a shower together, talked some more and I bid both of them farewell with the invitation to use the room as long as they wanted.

The next day she texted and told me she enjoyed the meet and hoped we could do it again sometime soon!! Why yes ma’am I’d love that!!

For all our readers, it does pay to be nice to people, any people for that matter. Bathe, shave and dress nice, ladies that come to ABS/Theaters don’t want guys that smell like they’ve been homeless for years, they don’t want some asshole hovering over them. As you may remember, the Goddess and Hubby had tried the theater and was creeped out over all of the above. They happened to read the Doc’s blog where I mentioned that very scenario and contacted me, that’s how we met. It could have been any of you, but I was the lucky one here. Next time a smoking hot babe shows up, make sure you’re dressed nice, shaved and smell clean, show some respect and you could be writing a story just like this.

I have enclosed a few pics, obviously I can't show her face (I don’t care about mine), but out of respect I will not show hers. I think you can get the idea anyway...



Doc here again... Thanks to Bob and The Red Headed Goddess for letting us peek into their hotel room.  Great stuff as always, sir.

The moral of the story is this... Single guys: Be the best dressed guy at an adult theater. Shower, shave, you know the drill. This increases your chances inside this thing of ours. Couples: If guys follow this simple set of suggestions, maybe the pickings for you will be much, much better.

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