Tour of Duty 2012 - Chapter 4 with Old Marine Corps Guy

Doc here with the next two entries on the Tour of Duty with Old Marine Corps Guy.  We are almost finished with Vegas, and today he looks at two Deja Vu locations in Sin City. 

I have been to both, and both have plenty of potential.  As with almost every Deja I have walked into, they are VERY clean, have oustanding retail space featuring every adult item you can think of, and plenty of staff to assist.

So here is Old Marine Corps Guy, in the foxhole, with his bayonet at the ready...


DeJa Vu - Industrial
Deja Vu Adult Bookstore & Theater3427 Industrial Rd., Las Vegas
Large bookstore, arcade and theater
$10.00 admission. 
Buy admission to this theater and it is good for admission to sister theater on Tropicana and Arville.
3 Theaters here.
Large theater, str8, with appx.100 seats, one other str8 theater with appx. 40 seats and 3rd theater is gay with appx 40 seats.  All with comfortable theater seats.
Admission good for 8 hours of in and out.
Must be buzzed into theater by clerk.
Occasional couples, and surprisingly not too many gays.

DeJa Vu - Tropicana
DeJaVu  Adult Bookstore and Theater
Located at Tropicana and Arville St.
Across from Orleans Casino. Theater &  peeps 
$10.00 Admission, but same in and out as Industrial Rd. location. 
Admission good for both for 8 hours.
This location has 2 theaters, 20 seats each, regular theater seats. 
One str8 theater with 2 screens, one gay theater with 2 screens.
Buzzer sounds for new incoming, gives time to straighten up.
Occasional couples, surprisingly few gays.
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