A Lot To Be Thankful For...

Doc here, wearing my traditional family Thanksgiving outfit (pilgrim buckle shoes, pilgrim hat with buckle, a pair of culottes, and no shirt.

Here at The Journal, we have much to be thankful for...
  • Readership is at an all-time high, growing at nearly 15% per month.
  • We have seen the re-opening of a classic adult theater in the Westwood Theatre of the Arts in Toledo, after a terrific renovation (and more yet to come). A forward thinking ownership group will take the WW to new heights.
  • The Good Doctor partnered with Cathy from Cathyscraving.com in setting up a successful gang bang tour of several adult theaters in the US.
  • The Good Doctor receives more and more reports from couples involved in this thing of ours. At one time, this was a rarity. It's now more like 3-5 a week.
  • Reports, which at one point were about 30 per month, now hit around 60 per month.
So kids, things continue to grow here at The Journal of Adult Theaters. And it's I who have you to thank for growth.  More good things are on the way...

So while I will be the only male at my Aunt Giancarla's house today (aside from the neutered Barky Lizardo) along with 11 females, my mind will be set on how the next reports at The Journal will be bigger and better than ever...

...and when to get my next Bloody Mary.


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