A Quick Note From The Good Doctor: Reporters Converge On Portland!

Dateline: Portland, Oregon
While it may not have the religious implications of the College of Cardinals prior to electing a new Pope, an event of significance in this thing of ours is taking place now through the end of next weekend in Portland.
As we speak, joining Brent (the poet laureate of adult theater reporters) on site in the Rose City, is the one and only Bob in Biloxi. Bob's annual pilgrimage to Portland is in full swing, so make sure to say hello to Bob (special note to couples...I'm sure Bob would like to say hello to you!).
And, next weekend, starting 11/9, senior reporter The Captain will be pulling into port for a few days in Portlandia. So if you see that old seadog at The Paris or The Oregon Theatre, say hello to him and tell him Doc sent you. And couples, you will find The Captain to be quite the gentleman.
Keep Calm and Carry On.

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