Couple's Flash Report! 0wlshley @ Horse Cave, KY

Doc here with a fantastic first time Couple's Flash report from the very sexy 0wlishly.

This report is a page turner folks, so I suggest you get comfortable, fasten your seat belts, and get ready for a ride with this insatiable brunette.

Here we go!


Hi Doc!
0wlishly here... I just wanted to post a quick report on our Horse Cave experience last week. (sorry I got busy with other things and just NOW got a chance to write you). We have been reading for years but for some reason never thought to write you.
Today that changes =)
We live in Nashville and our plans fell through with another couple to The Social Club, and since we were already on the north side of town decided to head north to the theater in Horse Cave, KY. After a short drive up to our favorite place to play we stopped outside for a smoke and to stretch our legs.
The place is in what could effectively be called an abandoned mini mall, and the only thing there is the ABS with plenty of parking. There were a few cars out front and that is where we parked. After a smoke and some chit chat with a couple of the guys that walked in we went in ourselves. The store is very well lit and clean with a huge selection of videos, mags, and toys. After walking around the store for a bit we walked to the theater entrance and went in.
It's immediately a different contrast to the rest of the store. Its very dark back there, and difficult to see at times. Once our eyes adjusted, we walked to the theater. The whole room is lined with love seats and it was packed. My man and I sat down and watched the flick for a few minutes. While the flick was decent we just quite weren't getting the vibe to play yet as apparently one of the guys had fallen asleep and sounded like Darth Vader he was snoring so badly.

The Real 0wlshley

We got up and went back to the booths. We found one that we liked (the door had a lock lol) and I sat down in the chair with him standing behind me. This is the perfect spot to sit in because no sooner than my ass hit the seat did a nice cock come through the hole in the wall. Leaning over I took him into my mouth and after a few minutes he gave me the present that I wanted, filling my mouth and throat with his hot cum.
My man liked seeing this and grabbed the back of my head made me suck him even faster. Once he had withdrawn his cock from my mouth my man went to work. I love the way he pulls my hair when he fucks my mouth. After a moment another cock came through the wall and I went back and forth between the two the second one gave me his load as well. 
I needed a break so we left the booth and got some water from the vending machine (it only takes quarters so we had to get change =( ) once I was refreshed I was ready to go to the theater again and see if the vibe had changed. My mans cock was still hard through his jeans and I needed a good fucking. 
Once back in the theater it was time for me to get my pussy eaten. I asked my man and he was happy to oblige  I found a chair and took my jeans off and sat right in front of him on the love seat and spread my legs. He ate my pussy for a good 10 min but told me I could not squirt on him so I couldn't cum as hard as I wanted to (you could say that he is a bit of a sadist).
When he was done another man asked if he could eat my pussy and my man said sure! I got the wink that I could cum all over this guy if he could make me cum. After just a minute and being so sensitive I squirted everywhere. The guy just kept on going with me drenching his shirt and his face. Once he was done I needed to get fucked!
Now I don't fuck guys in theaters; just a rule we have. I like to make them watch me get fucked though. My mans cock was so hard at this point after watching me get eaten I bent over the couch in front of my man and let him pound me from behind. Another man must have gotten the signal from mine because soon there was a nice hard cock in my mouth and I was getting it from both ends. I looked up at the man in my mouth and told him to tell me right before he was going to cum so that I could get my mouth filled while my man filled my sopping wet pussy. That must have done the trick because only a minute or two later I could feel the swell of his cock and he let me know. Just as he came in my mouth my man began to cum in my pussy as well. 
Now that I was completely spent we were ready to go. But I will tell ya this Doc, we are headed back this weekend and I cant wait to see what we find! Maybe this time we can take a few pics and send some along with our next report. 


Doc here again... 0wlishly and her man were back on the prowl this past weekend, and (fingers crossed) a new report and pics are on their way soon! 

A big thanks to the lovely 0wlshley for a great report, and for their pics - they were just awesome!  Keep it up kids!

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