Couple's Flash Report! Adventure Quest Couples At The Barnett Ave Superstore in San Diego (w/PICS)

Doc here with a terrific first time Couple's Flash Report from Adventure Quest Couple.

AQC hit San Diego's Barnett Avenue Superstore, and explored their twin theaters inside the superstore.

As mentioned in prior reports, The Barnett Avenue Superstore is now the most couples friendly adult theater in San Diego. The Jolar Cinema across town is having issues with undesirables in their theaters, and for now is not recommended until this situation is fixed.

Here is the Adventure Quest Couple, their report of this, their first trip to an adult theater, and two nice pics of the lady...


Date 10/13/12   Barnett Avenue Superstore, San Diego

She has always been an exhibitionist. We often attend swinger parties and she is often one of the first naked, or on her knees blowing me in the hallway while people walk past - but she had never been to a bookstore or cinema to play and the thought soaked her panties.  I had a conference in San Diego, did a little research (thanks Doctor!) and we decided on Barnett's.  It was in the area we were in and sounded like fun!

She had brought a tiny mini skirt, she refers to it as a belt, but was unsure about wearing it in so we just carried it in my pocket.  We looked around the store for awhile and found our way to the theater door.  Someone walked out, and we walked in.  Now, being fucked in a semi public porn theater has always been at the top of her list of fantasies, but that doesn't mean she wasn't nervous as hell going in.  We stood in the dark entrance way and surveyed the theater.  I took her hand and we went to to two seats against the wall in the second row. 

One more gutsy guy immediately moved in next to her, the rest pretty much waited and watched.  He reached over and started rubbing her 38DD's and she looked at me cautiously.  I was fine with it and was already rubbing the other one!  We got our bearings, and she was quickly rubbing me through my pants as I pointed out all the hard dicks around her.  My dick came out, rock hard as she stroked it and she asked shyly "do you want me to suck it?"  Um, YES.  She got on her knees in front of me sucking my cock with wild abandon.  She was clearly getting into this idea!  Only wearing a cami and her prefect boobs came out to play. 

The guys on all sides of us were now paying more attention to us than to the movie and were stroking up a storm.  She sat back down next to me and our neighbor rubbed her exposed tits and he and I rubbed her pussy through her jeans.  Then he made a tactical error and tried to unbutton them.  That got him a red light which sucks for him cause patience would have prevailed!

I suggested she change into her mini and encouraged her to change in front of the guys into it.  She shyly did so, but up against the time it will be up front!  Now in her little mini, thongs and tits full out she sat back down and hands explored her...she continuing to rub my cock.  It didn't take long before she was up on the seat, ass in the air facing me, her facing the back of the theater and I dropped my pants, pushed her panties aside and put myself in...

As I fucked her she quickly began to moan and was worried about the noise.  I loudly asked the theater "Guys, do you mind this distraction from your movie?"  They loudly insisted they didn't mind and went to work.  J is a multi orgasmic and insatiable woman and lets just say doing it soft and slow is lost on her.  I fucked as hard and fast as I could without winding myself! LOL!  Guys from all over the theater came to our row, directly behind watching my cock slam into her, watching her face, encouraging us and we put on a good 20 minute show....Guys were hoping she'd blow them while I fucked her, and so was I....but next time....

After awhile I decided it was time to let it fly and I loudly and strongly came inside her...which always makes her cum yet again.  She says she came 5 or 6 times and was totally turned on with the watchers....we watched a little more of the movie and left.  We had rode our motorcycle there and she was still in her the parking lot she put her jeans back on under it, which also got some attention. 

She straddled the vibrating Harley and we called it a night.



Doc here again... Many thanks to the Adventure Quest Couple and their great report.  I am very happy they did their research with The Journal and it's database of adult theaters, decided on a great theater, and had a lot of fun!  Mission accomplished!

We are certainly looking forward to your next reports...

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