Couple's Flash Report! Bambi & Thumper at Airport Video in Everett, WA on 11/18/12 (w/HOT PICS!)

Doc here with a tremendous Couple's Flash Report from west coast correspondents, Bambi & Thumper.  Their visit last night, November 18th, to Airport Video in Everett, WA was a hot one, and along with this great report are 3 hot pics of Bambi (remember click on the pics to ENLARGE them - Yes they are that hot!).
Here they are...Bambi & Thumper!
Hail Fearless Leader,

Just a brief report, with pictures, from a stormy Sunday (Nov 18) night in Everett at the APV. We got there around 7 pm and there was maybe 6 to 7 cars in the parking lot. Ever fear-full of a swarming this was a good sign, we thought. Bambi changed in the car, brown stockings, the ever present anklet, short black skirt, black see through top and black high heel mules.
Bambi changing in the car.
We made our way through the rain and into the store. We paid the $10 and entered the theater and sat down. In that instant we doubled the number of people in the theater, as there were two confused guys sitting in the far back. The APV is an interesting set up and I believe it to be an acquired taste, that being green lawn chairs (easier to clean obviously) and a large screen TV. I am not sure but I believe the floor was wet from rain, as this barn must leak.
Bambi after guy 1
As we sat down Bambi pulled off her black coat and crossed her legs, an attention getter as we in the biz call it. Some more gentlemen entered the theater/barn at that point. One sat down to her immediate left. He started stroking inside his pants, and Bambi moved her stocking covered left leg towards him. He took this as the invitation it was and began to stroke her thighs. Bambi told him the rules (stay out of the panties) and he began to lick and kiss her legs and thighs, while caressing her lace covered tits. He then stood up in front of Bambi and dropped his pants, stroking it right at her eye height.
The vacated chair was quickly occupied and one more sat behind us, while the confused folks stayed put. As Bambi took up the challenge, she began to give him a hand job. The new seat mate, took over rubbing her legs and tits. As things progressed the tits came out and each guy beside her took one in each mouth. Soon another set of hands joined in, reaching in from behind.
Bambi after guy 2.
The first guy was fixated on her legs so Bambi encouraged him to cum on her stockings, it was a large load as you can see. It went everywhere. Once this guy moved on number two stood up in his place and aimed for her tits. They are kind of hard to miss, and in a few strokes it was over. As there were no other guys coming in we moved onto the booths.
The first guy into the booth to our left, had actually followed us out of the theater. He was content to watch through the hole, and soon he shot on the floor and left. The larger hole afforded us a good view. The next guy in placed his dick through after watching and complimenting Bambi. Bambi went to work on both of  us, one in each hand, regrettably I did not last that long. Bambi encouraged him to finish, while I was cleaning up myself and sure enough it was all over, her hands that is. This time I remembered the camera, wipes and hand sanitizer. 
Doc here again... A huge thank you to Bambi & Thumper for a terrific Couple's Flash Report, and the extra hot pics!  Going to an adult theater on a typically "off night" is a growing trend for couples in this thing of ours. It provides a break from the possible swarming that a busier night might bring.  And Bambi and Thumper played this strategy perfectly, providing a real win/win for them as well as the lucky guys @ APV last night.
Keep the reports coming!
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