Couple's Flash Report! The Bayou Boudreaux at Biloxi's Gulf Coast Theater w/16 PICS!

Doc here with a report that will start your week off at a hundred miles an hour...

Senior reporter The Bayou Boudreaux is back, and with a vengeance.  This is an awesome Couple's Flash Report, and complete with... Wait for it... 16 pics of the actual event at Biloxi's Gulf Coast Theater. The Bayou Boudreaux's last report was extremely popular, and this one is even more extensive.

I hope you ate your Wheaties this morning, because you will need it to absorb this great report.  Plus, remember to click on the pics to ENLARGE them...

Take it away, Bayou Boudreaux...


Hello Doc,
Bayou Boudreaux here with the latest report from the Gulf Coast Theater (address in the database) in Biloxi, MS. As I write this, my legs are still shaky, my knees weak and I still have a slight fog on the brain.
Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS
Doc, we were concerned there wouldn’t be much action, this being the Thanksgiving weekend and all.  Boy did I miss that one!  All was about average when we arrived (7:30 pm or so).  About 15 people in the theater as we eased in and found a comfortable place to sit.  We relaxed a bit, let the atmosphere take hold before we started playing. 

The first cock was a regular at the theater and usually good for multiple cum shots.  The lil slut slurped and sucked his cock and in just a few minutes was guzzling the first load of cum for the evening.  The line had already formed and one after another cocks popped up and were sucked down by the lil slut.  Load after load of cum, moans of pleasure and her little giggle after she swallows a load.  What a slut!
Two nice sized black cocks, one a heavy cummer, a very thick latino cock, numerous of the ‘run of the mill’ cocks.  One after another the lil slut worked her magic.  Somewhere around ten loads swallowed someone finally wanted to fuck her.  As usual, the lil slut jumped up, bent over and offered her sweet, tight ass to the large black cock.  It took a little work, but soon he was plowing her ass as she reached for a cock to suck.  The first of three anal/oral DP’s of the night.
"Lil Slut" @ The Gulf Coast Theater
The Latino came back for more, stuffing her ass full of hard cock and deep stroking her til she was weak in the knees.  She took a quick break while three guys took turns eating her cunt and back on the cock she went.  The big latino cock was orally attacked and she slurped his load down like the good little cum eater she is. A few return customers, one the regular I mentioned earlier.  He is almost always good for three loads for the lil slut.
The BBC came back and fed the lil slut another load of hot cum and like the trooper she is, she drank it down and worked all the cum out of his cock.  A fellow with a PA (ed. note: Pierced Albert), lil sluts first pierced cock experience, came up to bat and his bat was worked over for her reward of sticky cum.  He would come back later and fuck her ass.  What a trooper!

 Doc, this all happened in about two hours, the lil slut said her jaw hurt from so much cock as she looked for more to suck.  The theater was almost empty so she rested, got her pussy eaten a little more and relaxed.
I have found at this theater, there is two distinct shifts.  The gang that is there early, and the gang that shows up later in the evening. The second shift came in about 10 PM and a rested lil slut started reaching for cock.  Some were repeats from the earlier shift but most were new cummers.  And she guzzled their cum as fast as she could get it out of their cocks. 

Then it happened! 
In a period of about fifteen minutes, about five couples came in, all separate.  I introduced myself to three of them and next thing I know, lil slut is between the legs of one woman, she’s stroking my cock, another is sucking someone else’s cock, there’s fingers, cocks, mouths all over.  Doc, I lost count who was doing what to who, but is sure was fun.  One of the females was sucking my cock as lil slut was sucking her boyfriend’s cock and fingering her pussy.  Then lil slut would pounce on the wet pussy and stroke the cock.  She was rewarded with cock and cunt cum and she loved it!  I blew my load, my sight grew dim, my knees were weak, I had to sit down!  That was a toe curler cum shot.

Doc, I can’t say what the final tally was.  At least eighteen loads of cum for the lil slut to gobble down, four cocks up her ass, three DP’s and that doesn’t count the mini orgy we had with the other couples.
Doc, I dropped your name and website to a few that wanted to follow the action.  I also know there are at least two couples that weren’t there Saturday that read your reports.  Doc, we will be back next Saturday, Dec 1 for more of the cum eating adventures of the lil slut.

Doc, that is it for this reporter.  I am going to take a vitamin and try to regain my strength.  Hopefully next weekend will be as fun as this one.
Bayou Boudreaux

The Gallery (click images to ENLARGE)



Doc here again... Once again, the Bayou Boudreaux hits it out of the park with a Couple's Flash Report!  Thank you sir, and as always, keep up the great work!

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