Couple's Flash Report! Kinkybicpl @ Swingshift Theatre in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Doc here with another great report from Kinkybicpl from north of the border in the Toronto area.



Stop 2 - Swing Shift Theatre

After day 1 @ The Metro Theatre and the great turn out, we are really excited about this adventure especially knowing some friends of ours....another m/f couple will be joining us.

We arrive a bit early to check out the action and who is there ready to play. Only about 5 guys so far but we have a feeling many more will be there shortly. Our friends arrive right on time. She is wearing a tight short skirt and a tight low cut top...nipples showing through. We make small talk then proceed to the bi-theater. The girls sit in the front row and without hesitation start to play with each other tits are out...both girls have great tits with sensitive nipples....more guys start cumming in.

The crowd is gathering as the girls neck, suck each others tits and playing with each others cunt. Cocks are now out and the girls start sucking everyone that cums near. Each guy tries to get in to get sucked. The first load gets blown on our lady friends big tits then as my lady takes a hot load on her face and tongue. They take 3 or 4 loads as us proud hubbies watch the action. My lady sees a young guy at the back...kinda shy...she says out load " want some candy little boy" . He wasted no time cumming to her and giving her a hot load in her mouth and face. She let it drip down all over her sexy tits.
I am playing and getting sucked by my friends lady, while mine sees her hubby against the wall she gets up fully exposed and drops to her knees in front of him and starts sucking his cock. He facefucks her and he moves each of her hands to a cock on each side of her. More cum is given to both hungry ladies. They girls take a break then return to the theater and start going down on each other...then they decide to see how many fingers then can give each lady works in 2 then 3 then 4....she says give me lady slides her whole hand inside and starts fisting her!!!! Right in the theater...the guys are going wild...can't believe the show they are getting. The girls relax....finish off the last couple guys and we called it a night for the theater.

What a great weekend. My sexy slut is so proud...she set a new record 8 loads of strangers cum in one weekend. A record she can't wait to break.
Doc here again... Neither can we.
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