Couple's Flash Report! Koral Conquers Airport Video in Seattle - Part 2 (w/11 PICS!)

Doc here again... As if Part 1 of Koral's Airport Video adventure wasn't enough, here comes Part 2!

And with Part 2, come 11 MORE never before seen pics of Koral being the adorable cum slut wife she is when behind the doors of an adult theater.

Here we go... Part 2 of Koral's APV adventure.


A Cum Slut Wife's Visit to Airport Video, Seattle
Part 2

It’s like 2:30am now, Koral's drained and ready to sleep, she received no nut for her labors (which is OK since she was swimming in sperm earlier that day) and then we saw the sign….ARCADE. C'mon, I tell her. We have to at least look around and see what it’s all about.  Into the arcade we go.

Very different than the jack booths back home. Super small booths, chairs fixed to the floor, little tiny screens, ¾ gay movies, gloryholes literally carved out of the walls, and the booth doors were more like saloon doors.  We start talking to a guy and ask him some questions about the place. He’s clean cut and younger, and I can tell Koral likes him. After we pick his brain for information, I ask him if he wants his dick sucked……….Sure, he replies. I tell Koral to hop in a booth with him and suck his cock while I take photos through the gloryhole from the next room over.

She says OK, but that’s the last one, no more, and they jump into a room and I get the next room over. I can see through the hole that she is sucking him and I take some pics. Then Koral asks for the camera and tells me to put my cock through the hole and she will suck us both and he will take some photos. I hand her the camera through the hole, then my dick. This is only the second time ever having my cock through a gloryhole (both times with Koral) and I have to say, I rather like it. I feel her sucking me, then stroking me as she sucks him, back and forth. She keeps telling me through the wall not to cum yet, so I hold back.

After about 20-30 minutes I can’t hold back any longer and I cum into her moaning mouth.  I zip up and grab my jacket and exit the booth, and to my surprise there is a group of guys standing around the hall by our doors. I notice Koral's door is wide open, and a few guys are in the doorway facing her. I hear the guys in her doorway thank her and walk out, then I overhear the guys in the hallway talking about how good of a cocksucker she is. Am I hearing this right? I walk up to Koral's door and I can see she’s still on her knees sucking the guy i instructed her to suck. Then I notice the cum all over her face and running down her chin. She looks up at me and just says…”Oooops”. 

I asked her what happened, and she said (as she’s sucking dick)she had to open the door-gobblegulp- for air and next thing she knew-slurpgobble- there was a line at the door –gulpgulp-and guys wanted to cum on her….so she let them. Then she moaned and I could tell the guy she was sucking blasted down her throat.  From the looks of the cum-coverage on her face and the amount of guys in the hallway, she had to have gotten at least 6-8 loads, plus mine. Man I love my Slut….she’s really getting the hang of this (thing of ours).  It was after 3am now, time to GO. And we left. 

Koral's Gallery
(Click to ENLARGE Them!)

Doc here... Now that is what I call a Two-Parter!  Many, many thanks to Koral and her guy Sam for a dynamite report from Seattle.  And I'm sure the guys at APV were thankful as well!
Thanks again Koral & Sam!
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