Couple's Flash Report! Koral Conquers Airport Video in Seattle - Part 1 (w/12 Pics)

Doc here Part 1 of a Journal 2-Part exclusive from the force of nature known as Koral.  And trust me folks, Hurricane Sandy has nothing on Koral.

Koral and her partner in crime, Sam, found themselves near Airport Video in Seattle, and took full advantage of the theater and video booths. 

The insatiable and adorable Koral drained the assembled, and this is her story as told by Sam, and illustrated by 12 exclusive pics from the event itself.

Fasten your seatbelts...


A Cum Slut Wife’s Visit to Airport Video, Seattle
Part 1

Portland, Oregon is a great city for the kinky at heart.  Sex with others is our way of life here, be it the adult theaters, swingers clubs, adult stores (many with gloryholes and view glass), or hotel/house parties. Not always though.
On the weekend of Oct. 27th, my wife Koral and I found ourselves close to Seattle Washington for the night.  The reason why? A one of a kind house party with a gangbang-bukkake-gokkun-cum-play theme. One month of saved (frozen) sperm from 8 guys tested the week prior with Koral and the hosting wife as the stars. That’s another story for some other time after I get copies of the pics/video(I promise).  But let me tell you….. It was a mind melting jaw dropping leave me speechless 4 hour experience. I thought I died and went to Germany or Japan.  

It was an afternoon gathering that left us back in our hotel by 10pm, and Koral fast asleep. There was no way I was sleeping, not after the show I just saw. So being a loyal Parisian ,  I jumped on the laptop and checked out Brenttheatertails- see what flags of action I was missing back home.
As usual on a Saturday night at the Paris Theater, much action.  Then I began to wonder what seedy places this area of Seattle may have….Hmmm, what’s this…here’s a place and it’s just down the road a few blocks…..Airport Video. Did a name search and…OK, this is promising, a review/story posted on The Docs adult theater blog….. .
Airport Video
Seattle, WA
Meant to be, I think to myself.  It’s almost midnight…I’m sure Koral’s 2 hours of sleep is enough.  Success begins with the delivery, so I crawl into bed and put my magic hands to work. Step 1- I rub, caress, kiss, and whisper her to life. Step 2- I begin to dirty talk about the day we had with our new friends and how horny I get thinking about it. Step 3- Bring Koral to the brink of orgasm. Step 4- I tell Koral that if we were home now, I would have to take her out to be a Cum Slut. Step 5- I say like I have no idea, “I wonder if there are any adult stores near us now?  Should I check?”

Then I heard the magic word… “Sure” so I jump to the laptop, type in a few searches that I knew would be fruitless, nothing, looking…looking….looking. AHH HAA, what do you know baby. I found something. There’s a place called Airport Video and it’s just down the road from us. And looky here…there’s even a report posted on the Doc's Blog. We HAVE TO go check it out.  

I ask her if she wants, and remind her that if she doesn’t want to, I’m going to put her collar and leash on and she’s going anyway. She smiles…..and tells me that I’m such a pervert. I reply that I’m lucky she’s a pervert also. She agrees. She reminds me that her pussy got pounded at the party earlier and she wasn’t fucking anyone but me. By midnight, we were leaving the hotel.
It took a while to find the place. No flashing lights like the places in Portland. Just a big rundown building with a parking lot in the back. We walked in the front door, got our bearings, and proceeded to the front desk where I explained to the clerk that we are from out of town and we heard there was a theater in here. He grinned and nodded yes. When inquiring the fee, if any, we we’re happy to hear that females are free.  But then he told us that guys are 10 bucks. I paid and he pointed us in the direction of the theater door.

We entered the theater and Koral giggled at the sight of not a movie screen, but a 65inch rear projection television. I guess we are spoiled a bit in Portland. There were maybe 10 guys sitting in the audience on plastic lawn chairs fastened to the floor in rows with an isle down the middle. We heard the grunting of a man taking it in the ass (I guessed) someplace in the very back rows. Another guy was getting a blowjob from a dude near the front.
Koral and I found an empty row and took a seat. We like to think of ourselves as pretty open minded….but it didn’t take more than a few more grunts from the guy in the back before Koral was mentioning how nice the Paris is because they have the little theater for the guys’ guys.  It wasn’t long before I had Korals tits out, and seconds after that a few guys came closer and sat. I told Koral to invite one to sit next to her, which she did. Then I instructed to get his dick out…she did better and got both our dicks out…good girl. There she sat on her plastic lawn chair screwed to the concrete floor with her tits out and a dick in each hand watching a TV the same size and worse quality as the one we have at home. And loving it……….

Now for the blow-by-blow.  Koral then got on her knees and told the guy to take her seat next to me so she can alternate our cocks in her mouth more easily. 1-2-3-cock switch…1-2-3-cock switch, back and forth.  I ask the guy if we can use a camera in there, he shrugged and said sure. I got out the camera and took a picture. After the flash lit up the place, I looked around and could see everyone in the room looking at us. I didn’t want to piss anyone off, especially the guy making the dude in the back grunt so loud-yikes-, so I asked very very loudly if anyone minds if I take pics of my wife. Just blank stares were their reply…must be OK.

After I took a few more photos, another man, a well dressed black man, walked up to us and asked if he could sit close by. I nodded yes, and pointed to the chair next to the guy Koral was sucking. He sat down and pulled out his cock, and Koral quickly reached for it. She took turns sucking and stroking the three of us for a good 30 minutes. Then the theater door opened with a squeak (everyone looks every time the door opens, personally I’m hoping for another couple). Another well dressed black man enters and sees our group with Koral in the middle. He walks over and Koral says hello, with a twinkle in her voice that says “I want your cock”. He recognized it and pulled out his dick.

I asked the other guys to stand up around  Koral as she’s kneeling on the floor, so I can take some photos of her sucking. She switched cocks back and forth for a while, then pulled them closer to one another and sucked two at a time for a while. More guys begin stepping up, and eventually she was completely surrounded.  Ahhh, feels like home already.  She continued sucking dick for a good hour. I could tell she was running out of energy (she’s such a trooper).  

As it got closer to bar closing time, more guys arrived. At one point there were at least 10 guys around her with cock in her hand or mouth or rolling there dice in wait. I asked Koral if she was ready for the loads….and she happily said yes. Half because she loves cum and half because she was so freakin wore out and was ready to go.  I told the guys to bust a nut if they had one; we are leaving in 15 minutes. After about 10 minutes and no loads to count yet, we both began to wonder.

15 minutes went by, still nothing (Portland guys are better trained). Then out of nowhere this drunken guy steps up and tries to reach his hand down Korals pants, forceful like. She swats at him, I do the “HEY HEY HEY, what the fuck are you doin”, he mumbles something and then asks if he can play with her.  What a dumbfck, I just say “NO” and he walked away bitching. There’s like 6 guys directly around Koral with dicks out, a few more in the background looking for an in, and I ask them all…can anybody come on my wife? I ask Koral “what are you”, she relies “I’m a Cum Slut”. I then ask her “what do you want”, she replies “I want cum”. Well guys……………………… …………………..nothing………………………………….so we return to our plastic patio chairs and our stuff and get ready to go.  We exchange a few emails (guys wanting copies of the pics we took) and we head out the door. 

But we were not finished...Yet.

~End of Part 1~


Doc here again... If you think Part 1 was HOT, wait until you read Part 2!  Part 2 goes live at The Journal Tuesday afternoon at 3pm CDT.  In the meantime, a huge thank you goes out to Koral and Sam for this great report!

Remember...Tuesday at 3pm CDT for Part 2.

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