Couple's Flash Report! M&S At The Art Cinema on 11/3/12

Doc here with a terrific Couple's Flash Report from senior reporters, M&S.

Hartford's awesome Art Cinema in their playground, and they hit a big night in this classic adult theater. Here are M&S with their report, along with 2 pics of "S" in the balcony of The Art Cinema.


Greetings Doc,

Luckily Hartford and the Art Cinema were spared the wrath of Sandy.We showed up about 7:45pm and the closest parking place we could find was about a block away,so we figured it was going to be a busy night.

Art Cinema
Hartford, CT
As we walked in, we saw a couple talking to the counter man. She was wearing stockings, garters, mini skirt and fuck me shoes. The counter guy asked if they were calling it a night, and they said "no, just taking a break." Little did we know at the time, she had been downstairs servicing the crowd.We paid our admission and asked the counter guy if anyone was already in the balcony. He said yes, but didn't say how many. So up we went to our favorite seats under the lights.

The Real "S"

When we got to the balcony, we saw 1 couple completely naked and she was sitting reverse cowboy and fucking his brains out. 2 other ladies sucking their men, and another couple that got there just before us was getting undressed (all of this was happening under the lights).

Can't tell you how many couples came and went, back and forth from the balcony to downstairs and some came back up. But at any given time there was at least 3 women downstairs fucking and sucking the large crowd of guys that had showed up (at least 25-30 guys - no wonder there were no parking spots). 

The Real "S"
In The Art Cinema's Balcony
In total, I was told 11 couples showed up Saturday night, and only 1 or 2 couples didn't get down and dirty doing this thing of ours. There was so much noise coming from downstairs twice during the night, Miss (S) and I took a peek over the edge to see the ladies sucking cock, getting pile drived, and the original lady we saw in garters getting her ass slapped so hard by her man it looked to be on the edge between pleasure and pain.
By 10:15pm there was 4 couples left in the balcony, and 1 older couple downstairs. The guy was watching his lady get her pussy eaten, but it was time for us to go. Miss S had an early day Sunday, so home she went, sore, sticky and happy.

Here are a couple of pics of "S" in the balcony. Our next visit will probably be after Thanksgiving, so have a happy one and to you and all your followers. Hope they do a lot of turkey stuffing this year (LOL).    



Doc here again... Many thanks to M&S for another great report, as well as pics of the lovely "S".  Saturday night in Hartford's Art Cinema is arguably the hottest couple's adult theater scene in the country. Add to this the ladies who take their play to the main floor of The Art, and you have a prefect win/win scenario for this thing of ours.

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