Couple's Flash Report! R&C @ 15th Avenue in Melrose Park, IL

Doc here with a first time report (and visit for that matter) from R&C.  I was speaking to the male half of this couple last week, and gave them some advice and hints to make their visit pleasurable.

Their first visit was to 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Melrose Park, IL, and they visited during Black Friday...

It looks like they took some of my advice!

So please welcome to The Journal of Adult Theaters, R&C


Hey Doc,

I wrote you the other day about going to 15th Ave, and you gave us some guidance as to when to go and what to expect.

Well the wife and I got there about 11:30am,  paid our admission, used the restroom and headed into the theater. We sat in the second row... I calmed her nerves a little, then instructed her to take her pants off, so she did.

By this time, there is already a crowd forming,  so I went down on her while she quickly started to deep throat the man right next to us.  She took his load in her mouth, then we moved to front row so we had more room.

I rubbed her ass as she switched between 4 men, sucking and taking there loads in her mouth (which she spit out). Next she is now getting fucked from behind and sucking dick and has two in her hands! After two more guys fuck her as she blows me, another man came in her mouth. Another man cums in his condom, then she blew a new man as I fingered her sopping wet pussy.

When she was done blowing him, he bent her over and fucked her good as I watched.  She then started blowing another cock to completion, then starts deep thoating my cock as she is getting plowed from behind. He finishes and we finally leave.

All and all good time... She didn't want the loads in her mouth (that was my fault for not mentioning that), as she thought they would give her notice so she could finish them with her hand.

Now we know.



Thanks again to R&C as they begin their first steps into this thing of ours.

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