Flash Report! 0wlishly @ Horse Cave, KY by Jay

Doc here with a tremendous Flash Report from contributor Jay... On Saturday 11/3, Jay was lucky enough to witness an appearance by none other than 0wlishly and her guy at Horse Cave, KY.
Here we go with Jay's report on this crazy night in Horse Cave, KY.
They arrived Saturday night around 10 PM. They shopped in the store first buying a vibrator. As they walked in the theater we knew this would be a fun time.
She was a pretty young thing, wearing a raincoat; he was the size of a Tennessee Titan's linebacker. They took their seats in the middle of the theater and off came her coat. Underneath she had on a teddy. As she used the vibrator on herself  and he helped by finger fucking her. Then she did something I have not ever seen before.
She squirted, about two feet high, and she did this 5 times or so before they went back to the booths. In there she took care of six or so guys with what I am told was a very talented mouth and she swallowed. They came out to cool down and chat with the guys for a while. Then back to the theater where more play resulted in more squirting. At that point he took her and had her blow him which was nice to watch.
After a while he put her over the couch in front and doggy fucked her violently. She was loving it as he rammed his cock into her. He even put his fist in her mouth to keep her from screaming. They fucked and she sucked him as roughly as I have ever seen and they both loved it. They finished off with her going down on him on her knees with him standing, she was eager to lick her pussy juice off his cock and when he came he did so on her glasses, her face, her boobs and shoulder & arm.
After a little cleanup they dressed and left. One of the best shows I have ever seen. Hopefully will see them again. I believe she posts in this blog as Owlishly. Hopefully someday she will drench me in one of those squirts.
Note: Sadly the bookstore doesn't allow couples in for free or even to leave the building and come back in to play.
I bounced this report to 0wlishly after receiving it... And all the details were 100% validated.  She is Southern version of Koral from Portland.  Insatiable, adorable, and very naughty.
A big thanks to Jay for the report... Don't be a stranger, sir.
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