Flash Report! The Black Hat Hits BNA in Berlin, NJ

Doc here with a terrific Flash Report from senior correspondent  The Black Hat.

Here's a quick report that I forgot to file some weeks back.  I was in NJ pre-Sandy back at the end of September on a Sunday afternoon and stopped in Berlin NJ.  I did a drive by of both Berlin News Agency and Red Barn Books and while BNA had a moderately full parking lot Red Barn was jammed. Now, regular readers may know that BNA is known for a steady and consistent level of activity in "this thing of ours" but not so for Red Barn.  My experience has been that the Barn is mostly older dudes and "confused" guys (which is fine, everybody needs to have fun!).
That said, I could not resist checking out what might be going on with so many cars there.  The theater was host to quite a show that day.  A late 20's African American gal who was curvy in all the right places was on all fours on the theaters center pedestal getting banged from behind bareback by an early thirties white dude.  She was also giving an older gentleman a world class cocksucking while throwing her significant ass into every stroke 30's guy took.  It was physical, it was loud, it was wet, it was awesome.  There were about ten of us circled about watching the proceedings and when the older guy shot, surprisingly, no one stepped up to take his place.  The fucking went on for another 30 minutes with 30's dude switching from pussy to mouth to ass and back around again.  All of this bareback which might explain,why no one else was jumping in.  Regardless, it was a hell of a show and I'm glad I stopped in.
I will comment that I have had success with three couples at Red Barn over the past several years.  I would highly recommend Red Barn for couples who may be dipping their toes in the water on theater fun for the first time.  You can go there and watch, you can get into by yourselves and be watched without the massive swarm you might encounter at BNA, and if you want to invite others in, you can do so selectively and retreat to one of 3 semi private viewing rooms within the theater.  
Be patient and be cool, until then, I remain The Black Hat.
Doc here again, with many thanks to The Black Hat.  Great report sir, and please keep them coming!
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