Flash Report! Bob in Portland (Wait, What?) On His Week In The Rose City

Doc here with our old friend Bob in Biloxi Portland. Wait - what? Yes, Bob's annual pilgrimage to Portland, OR just took place, and as it was last year, it was the best of times, and it was the worst of times.

Here is Bob, and his tale...


Hi Doc,

I’m home from my much anticipated trip to Portland and points beyond. I must say the more things change, the more they stay the same.

The Paris Theatre is still there, and the myriad of adult bookstores with glory holes is still in full swing. Most of the same people I recognized causing dissension at the Paris on my last trip were still in attendance this time. I got to say hello to the Godfather of this thing of ours, Brent. I missed saying hello to floyd, though.

Bob in Biloxi

On Tuesday (10/30) I raced to the Paris after landing, and there was a heavy couple in the couples section playing together - the lady was heavily tattooed as was the male. He would occasionally slap her pussy or tits (not my thing) but it drew about 10 railers (guys that hang on the rail and stare) until they were finished. They would leave, go outside, smoke and then come back in and start again.

I was still on Central Time, so by that time I left and headed back for some rest. Now, 82nd Street leads right to the airport and my hotel, and it also passes Taboo and Blue Spot (both adult stores). I decided to make a stop at Taboo on the way back.

As I pulled into the lot, I noticed there were not many cars there, However, coming out the door was a pixie blonde and a man. She was carrying a bag, but was also dressed in a short black skirt and top. They left headed north on 82nd, I did too since it was the way to my hotel. My luck changed when I saw them pull into the Blue Spot and go in ahead of me.

The Blue Spot has a large booth in the corner for handicap people, but I’ve seen couples go straight to that booth before. This couple did the same thing, the booth adjoining that large one is regular size with a glory hole in between. No sooner than I fed my dollar in her fingertips were tapping at the hole. She relieved me of a sizable load of baby batter within a few minutes. Now at this point I’m thinking, wow Portland has got to be the nicest city with the nicest people in the country! It’s a shame that perception would change during the course of my visit. (ed. note: Uh oh.)

On Halloween I had full intentions of making Halloween an all-night affair and just hang to see the sights and maybe get laid. Central Time would not allow me to do that, nor would the rain. There were people out; three couples did show up while I was there, but only played in the couples section. And after I left, more couples showed including the one I really wanted to see (Koral), but lack of sleep is a bitch, so I missed her and the others that showed.

On Thursday 11/1, I was primed and ready to head out into the Portland night. I was walking down the hall leading out to the parking lot when one of the hotel room doors opened and a short little brunette woman poked her head out the door. I smiled and said hello and continued walking on by. I heard her call me, so when I turned around to answer her, she was standing in the hallway nude, and she simply asked me if I wanted to fuck. Now this lady was about five foot nothing, slim and small tits and shaved pussy, cute ass. Do you really think Bob would say " No, I have to get to the Paris and sit there waiting on a maybe couple who might want to play?" Umm no.

Turns out her hubby likes to film her getting fucked and sucking guys, as they take it back to Idaho and watch it on cold freezing nights. Sounds like a great plan to me though   (I’ve never been to Idaho, though). She was a very energetic lady; and she seemed to get off being a porn star. She liked being on top and looking over her shoulder at the camera while riding my cock. She even seemed to like the money shot across her face! She was a nice actress!

On Friday I made up my mind to actually attend the Paris, and nothing was going to stop me this time. It was dead while I was there. I did see Brent that night, he told me I missed a good show earlier, but out of the three couples that were there while I was there, only one played. I left after a few hours and again missed the late night showing.

During this time Lopez’s Lawn and Garden crew showed up, all of them were sitting in the couples annex across from the Oasis, they were making more noise than the weed eaters they use. I think one couple would have played; she was actually attractive and well dressed. But the weed eating noise killed it for them I think. The railers didn’t make it any better for the couples, except the one that was actually fucking, they didn’t seem to care. I left, still on Central Time (damn I was taking a long time to adjust this time!!).

I stopped at Mr. Peeps on the way back to the hotel, it’s on 122nd Street so not that far out of the way. There were some guys standing by one booth in a line, so I figured there might be something up there. In the past Peeps has had a major problem with trolls and general pain in the ass cock blockers (sound familiar?). But this time the clerk made the rounds telling everyone to grab a booth or get out. I happened to be standing by the condom machine, so I wasn’t included.

Good thing too, as soon as the crowd cleared a booth door opened and I bailed in, lucky strike, a peek through hole and sure enough a couple!! I don’t know about other guys, but if I spend too much time watching porn or watching other people fuck right in front of me, I don’t tend to last over about six minutes or so when I finally do get attention. This was the case here as well, the lady got plastered for her work after a few minutes.

When I left, I decided to check out Paradise on Stark, and it’s about 10 blocks from Peeps and is known for couple activity occasionally. Now Paradise is weird - they have a cleanup guy (Latino) who is there constantly mopping and slamming doors, kind of unnecessary but it is what it is I guess. They also have a voyeur booth (as does Peeps), so I hear a lady panting in one, of course the other one is occupied, so I go in the voyeur booth next to that one insert a dollar and push the clear screen button. What I see is another little Latino fisting a woman through the hole. OK, pretty cool to watch, he must have put $20.00 bucks in the machine because he never ran out of time. He would fist her, fuck her then fist her some more. Eventually he left the booth, but the shit locked his door when he did!! It must have been a setup, because no one could get the clerk to unlock the door except other Latino’s,  and guess who has the key? Yep, the cleanup guy!  So this must be the Latino Mafia’s version of cock blocking everyone else? I remembered then it was like this the last time I was there.
A total waste of money, unless you are from south of the border living in the land of the free now.
Bob's Vanity Plate

On Saturday, I made up my mind to attend the Paris again, that is after the Ducks vs.Trojans game. I figured if the Ducks won there would be all kinds of celebrations at the famed Paris. I was partially right, as Lopez’s Lawn and Garden crew were back, and yes the weed eaters were at full throttle. But also in attendance was Mr. Stinky Feet (I wrote about him the last time I was at the Paris - the manager that night actually made him leave the building, that’s how bad his feet stunk!).

Mr. Stinky Feet is a skinny black guy who upon seeing couple’s in the Oasis nearly ran over Brent trying to get to the rail. After a while I guess he got tired of standing and sat down behind yours truly. OMG the stench!  This guy ever take a bath? At the very least put some powder on them dog’s, man. He is truly disgusting, and how a woman would have anything to do with this creep is beyond me. She must have lost all sense of smell if that’s the case. I believe he just comes there to run off other people. It worked with me. I couldn’t stand the smell anymore and left.

But before that, Coughing Man came in - he’s a guy who must have something wrong with his lungs, he stands at the rail and coughs. That would not be so bad, but it’s continuous, it never stops and it’s very noticeable. I’m trying to imagine myself there with a lady and all this going on? I think she would be mad at me for bringing her that night.

Off to the hotel once again - maybe I getting too impatient with people and the way they act. I understand there’s nothing I can do about it but remove myself from that environment. I decide to check out a new place called Toyboxx on Powell Street near 122nd.  Before that, I want to check Peeps and Taboo (nothing at Taboo).

But as I was pulling into Peeps, a car was coming out (couple). I decide there’s nothing at Peeps, the couple is leaving, so I follow, thinking maybe they are headed to Taboo. I lost them at a red light, so I bailed on that and decided to just head to the Toyboxx. The ABS angels smiled on me that night, the same couple did not go to Taboo, they were just pulling into the parking at Toyboxx! We were the only two there as well.

I got out of my car and walked toward the door, I smiled at the woman and nodded (that always works), and after a few minutes they appeared in the booth next to mine. The Toyboxx is a new store in Portland, and the booths are small but very clean still being new I guess. The lady was in her fifties, red hair, not natural, but a weird color flaming red hair color. She was in a print dress and  high heels. I could see her sitting in the chair next to the hole. I knelt down for a better look, when she stood up and raised her dress. She had no panties, shaved pussy, nice little ass, she was just showing off!

I stuck my cock through and she stroked it for a long time before beginning to lick and suck. She would stand up and straddle my cock between her legs, never entering, but just moving back and forth like she was going too. After $10.00 in the machine and getting me close numerous times, she stopped and they left. Maybe they ran out of money? Frustrating for me to say the least, and it was late (2am, 4am for me CST).

I headed back up 82nd Street to the hotel. I knew Blue Spot was coming up so stopped there as well, dead. No cars at all. Bob’s luck has run out.

On Sunday I went to brunch with a friend - she has been my friend since I’ve been going to Portland, I’ve also taken her to the Paris. She got creeped out and never wanted to go again. Speaking of creepy, last year when I went to the Oregon (huge theater) I couldn’t help but notice there were guys (mostly old) would walk around in a big circle, go down one aisle and back up the other one, very slow. I was thinking it reminded me of the "Night of the Walking Dead". Just zombie-like motions!

This has now started at the Paris to some degree, and I remember thinking to myself "I wonder if these guys were from the Oregon Theater and just got the directions mixed up?"  After brunch I watched football all day on TV.

Monday I wanted to go to the Paris, maybe run into Floyd and say hello, but I didn’t. Tuesday I turned in the rental car and jumped on a fast mover headed south and home.

I hope this report is not viewed as negative, it’s just my report.  I still love Portland, but some elements have issues I cannot help them with, nor would I care to help them. We are supposed to be grown up and know how to conduct ourselves, I guess some people never attended that class or if they did, they received a failing grade. I will continue to be who I am, treat people with the courtesy and respect I believe they deserve. I will also continue not to be a part of the negative aspects some people continually seem to embrace. That’s the Blast from the Past……week? If you had a hard on reading this and lost it, I apologize.



Thanks again to senior Journal reporter, Bob in Biloxi, and another great report.  As Bob is The Journal's most prolific reporter, I always look forward to what he has to say, and how he says it. This report paints an accurate portrait, yet is clearly not a paint-by-numbers exercise.

OK kids, it's time for you to step up and submit a report. First timers, please include a pen name for us to use moving forward.  As always, I will edit and format your reports... You get the byline and the glory.

And, Toledo readers... Let's get some Westwood reports in the pipeline!  You have had some crazy couple's nights since the re-opening, so it's time to step up and be counted.  Please submit your reports to me directly at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com, and I will do the rest.

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