Flash Report! Darknight at The Barnett Superstore Theater in San Diego

Doc here with a great report from left coast senior reporter Darknight. he's back in San Diego, and his quest took him to the Barnett Avenue Superstore Theater.

Take it away, Darknight!


Hi Doc,

Happy Holidays!

So let me get right to it... With the closing of Ontario Dejavu, I have to travel to San Diego for theatre play. I have a few days off, so I fueled up the Knight Rider and headed south after visiting friends and dinner. I stopped at the Barnett Adult Superstore about 9pm, and parking lot was full. I paid my $10 bucks and entered...

Checked the first theatre, and about 4 dudes then the next and noticed a huddle in the back and moaning went back to take a look and what appeared to look like a blond female blowing a guy and getting banged hard by another. Turned out to be a chick with a dick - one of the regulars said the T Gurl slipped the adams apple pass him and a couple of regular players earlier till they caught on (Funny story for another time).

I took a seat in the first theatre and 20 minutes passed, when in came the 2nd couple of the night: a Ellen Barkin lookalike and her hubby (reminded me of Jessie James). I'm told they are regulars - she wore a black mini skirt and white button up blouse and black sweater with white heels. They sat against the wall in the center row of seats with Jessie against the wall.

Ellen sat next to a guy that was already in the middle. I was at the end of the row... The guy said something to Ellen, and reached in with his right hand a rubbed her thigh. She immediately spread her legs as he started finger banging her and she started moaning. Of course this brought the guys, so I got closer by one seat. Ellen then told the dude to take his dick out so he stood up and complied at this instant I took the seat next to her and unleashed. She immediately reached over and took hold and started stroking me to full attention, so I stood up and she started musical dick sucking us both.

Ellen then said she wanted to get fucked at this point, so I reached for a condom. The dude started fucking her immediately without one by kneeling and her sliding down in her chair. At this time I fed her my cock while other guys reached in for tit feels and such. This dude was banging her forever it seems and not coming up for air so I stepped away and allowed someone else to get some head for a bit after dude #1 was spent.

No one moved in after 2 other guys came in her mouth, so I went back in and fed Ellen my cock. She smiled and said "I hoped you would come back I want that black cock" so I suited up and lifted her legs and buried it in her cunt till she came, then pulled out, ripped my condom off, stuck it in her mouth. She gives great head in no time I was filling her mouth and throat.

Afterwards, they packed up and left. I did not notice but Jose Conseco from my Jolar episode came in during all this without me noticing. I will continue with part 2 about the rest of the evening.

Doc got to go check out of the Marriott and stop by the Jolar on the way home so till next time...



Doc here... Thanks again to Darknight for another outstanding report from the front lines.  The Barnett Superstore has a great vibe when a couple is playing there... Theater is small enough to be intimate, but large enough not to be feel crowded. 

Nicely done, sir.

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