Flash Report! Daytime Paris Theatre Report From floyd

Doc here with a fantastic daytime Flash Report from Portland's Paris Theatre by senior reporter floyd.

Men DO Make Passes At Girls Who Wear Glasses…

Here’s a quick account of some hyper-hot daytime action in Portland.  I hope you and your readers enjoy!
Last Wednesday, October 17th, a post appeared on Portland’s Craiglist promising that a couple would be visiting the world-famous Paris Adult Theater at 2:00pm; it also included a pic of her shaved pussy.  This post was reported on Brent’s great Yahoo group, and numerous folks commented that they were an apparent no-show.  Later in the afternoon, a Red Flag flew indicating a couple had entered the theater.  This 4:10 Red Flag was indeed the couple who posted on Craigslist; they were just a couple hours late.
This reporter quickly jumped the streetcar and after a short walk down Burnside I arrived at the Paris at 4:20.  She was already spread-eagled on a bench next to the railing of the couples’ annex with her big tits and smooth bald pussy on display. There were a half a dozen guys at the railing enjoying a great view.  Her guy was alternating between licking her pussy and finger banging her, while a daytime regular stood over her and fed her his cock. She was a short, chunky slut with brown hair and cute little glasses that she kept on throughout.  Regular Guy gave her a good long mouth fucking and then pulled out and continued jacking off.  Another older dude stepped up, donned a condom, and took his place.  She didn’t miss a beat and began sucking him noisily. 
As this was going on, Regular Guy was moving down closer to her crotch as hubby had two fingers in her sopping cunt.  I really thought hubby was going too encourage him to fuck her, as he kept looking at him jerking his cock.  The guy getting the BJ groaned and shot his load into condom, cleaned up, and split.  At this moment, Regular Guy started furiously whacking and shot an enormous load all over her inner thigh and pussy.  A real mess!
Hubby watched him cum all over his slut wife and then dove right back in and resumed eating her cum-splashed puss.  Incredibly dirty theater sex!  She had a couple of loud orgasms from the licking and finger-fucking, and then hubby moved up to accept a BBBJ.  I took this opportunity to go into the Annex and play with her big tits, eventually moving down to finger her very wet clit.  After a long BJ, hubby took off his pants and tried to enter her, but he wasn’t hard enough and soon returned to the lick and finger routine. 
Sensing a perfect opportunity, and considering that I had waited patiently, I offered her my hard cock.  Her eyes opened as she sensed it close to her, and she commenced giving old floyd a very skilled blow job.  She was very enthusiastic, moving her tongue around my dickhead in her mouth and sucking it deep.  I knew I couldn’t last long, and even though I would have like to fuck her, I decided I would be the first to hose down her big tits with my cumload.  I was ready to pull out when she pulled it deeper into her mouth and did the tongue swirl thing again.  I barely got it out of her mouth when I blew it, so I wound up painting her chin and neck, leaving her tits high and dry.
I was there for an hour, and she blew several guys and jacked a few more. Unfortunately, I had to leave at 5:15 to close up my office, but just before I left another regular with a HUGE cock approached her, stroking himself hard.  I’m not sure if this was the guy Brent calls “Coke Can,” but the name would certainly have been appropriate!  The sluts eyes went wide when she saw that monster approaching her face, and she did her best to get as much of it as she could into her stretched-out mouth.
I would have loved to have stayed to watch her get fucked, as it appeared that that was about to happen with Big Cock, but alas, I was already late and had to leave before the main event.  I’m always on the lookout for daytime theater action, and I’m happy to report back to the Good Doctor and his loyal readers.
Thanks again to floyd for his yeoman's effort in this report from downtown Portlandia. The Journal relies on floyd for his expertise in the daytime scene at The Paris Theatre, so please keep up the fine work, sir.
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