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Doc here with a great report from senior correspondent, The Falcon. Once again, the Berlin News Agency is our port of call, and once again, it was a home run for the writer.

Here we go...


The Falcon fulfilled one of the lines on his bucket list a couple of Saturday's ago.  It was the Saturday before Thanksgiving and I was in eastern PA and made the trip to the Berlin News Agency.  When I got there the parking lot was stuffed, not a clear parking place to be had.  I moved around and found a spot that I could manage to shoe horn the Phantom into.

I entered the book store and the folk behind the counter told me that the place to go was in the theater.  I got some change and inserted the ten spot in the reader.  The crowd was great, lots of guys wondering around and the sounds of some serious play coming from the back rooms.  I wondered around the rooms and in the back a lady was taking on all cocks in either her pussy or mouth.  Her man was filming on his camera the action and there was plenty of it.  She  had at least two guys all the time and sometime more were being jerked while she was sucking and fucking two other guys.  The penis gallery was standing by with a new cock when one wore out.  I found out later when talking to the couple that she was the fab Michele and that she was a regular.

Berlin News Agency
Berlin, NJ
Meantime in another room there was another woman taking on several guys at a time.  Both these ladies were regulars and both were really good at pleasing all the cocks in the room.  I could not get close to either one as it was late when I got there.

I went back into the theater where a lovely lady and her man were watching the movie and doing a little playing.  She was a real good looking younger lady and had on a halter dress without anything else.  She had nice thigh high stockings and was playing with her pussy and letting all the guys enjoy the sight.  He played with her tits a little and they were good looking more than a hand full.  I spoke to them and they replied but did not invite me to join in.

In the meantime the action in the back had come to a rest spot and the ladies went outside for a break.  One of the folk in the theater told the couple in the theater that the tables were free, but they did not move.

The lady in the earlier room left and the wonderful Michele came back and took a position on another table and started taking all the folk that were ready.  Another couple came in and went to one of the back rooms and she quickly started sucking his cock.  He had some implants on his tool and she really loved it.  They played with each other only for a little while then went into the room with Michele and her man.  They were standing watching when she asked her man if he wanted a blow job and dropped down on her knees and sucked him again.  Michele must have known them because they started talking about her sucking the new guy which she gladly did.  When he had been sucked for some time his lady said "fuck me with that cock" and laid down on the table with Michele and fucked her guy well.

The couple from the theater than came back and sat and watched the action with both the women getting well fucked.  He did get her tits out and played a little but they did not join in.  They soon got up and left the building.

Michele took another break that is when I talked to them and told them I would write this report.

I hear another sound from one of the back rooms sounds like some good fucking and ventured back again and another couple I did not know were there were working out on one of the tables.  She was a younger well build girl with great tits and a pretty clean pussy.

They were really getting it on and others were allowed to join in.  I did and got off right quickly as I knew I would.  The time was getting on to the wee hours and I had to be active the next day so I left about 2:30 AM

I must say that I had heard lots about the BNA and I was not disappointed it was a great night and one of the most active I have ever enjoyed.

Respectfully submitted



Doc here again...It's reports like this one that make the Berlin News Agency one of the top adult theaters in the country.  Thanks again to the Falcon for his terrific report!

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