Flash Report! The Guy Next Door on Swingshift Theatre in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Doc here with a 2nd report from Swingshift Theatre in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada in the last couple of days.

It appears that things are heating up, and luckily we have reporters on the ground to report what is happening for us.

So let's give a big round of applause for first-time reporter here at The Journal of Adult Theaters, The Guy Next Door, and his terrific Flash Report from Toronto's northern suburbs.


Dr. Lizardo,

I love your blog.  Below is a report about Swingshift Theatre in Richmond Hill, Ontario.  Kinkybicpl and Asslvr have written about it in the past.  This review involves both of them...

I drop into Swingshift every once and a while, so I have an idea of what goes on there (as mentioned before in prior reviews by Asslvr).  On this particular day, a couple (Kinkybicpl) had advertised that they will be attending Swingshift on Sunday afternoon, and kindly organized by Asslvr.  This couple is hot – the husband is bi, with a great cock, and the wife is hot blonde with an insatiable appetite for cock.  I got there, and was surprised at how busy it was (all guys).  You could definitely tell they were waiting for something, or someone to show up.

Swingshift Theatre
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

I went into both theatre rooms, and the guys who were in there were just hanging out.  On my way back to the first theatre, husband and wife emerged from a private room with Asslvr.  The wife was dressed in black high heels, a hot little black dress that had strategic slits in the side (so we knew she wasn’t wearing panties), and a black leather jacket.  We introduced ourselves to each other, and proceed to go into the theatre…the guys were happy to see her.

Husband and wife sat towards the back of the room, and embraced each other while the guys waited for the action to begin.  Shortly after, the wife began to stroke hubby’s cock through his pants, and it wasn’t long before it was out and in her mouth.  While this was happening, Asslvr was fondling her through her dress.  It wasn’t long before her tits were out, and Asslvr was playing with them, and eventually fingering her pussy (which she seemed to thoroughly enjoy).

The diverse group of guys – one black, one indian, and a few white guys (one of whom was very well hung) whipped out our cocks one by one and started to jerk off while watching the action.  At this point, hubby announced that his wife loved cum, and we should make sure we give her our loads if we’re close. 

Eventually the hottie started sucking the black guy’s cock, and it wasn’t long too long before he shot his load.  One by one, she began taking on the group while being fondled and finger fucked as the group of us jerked off and watched.  While this was happening, hubby was receiving a blowjob from one of the other guys, which really seemed to turn his wife on.  After taking several loads, our hottie stepped out of the theatre for some gloryhole action, and to take a break.  

Shortly after she returned to the theatre, I got my shot with our little cumwhore….this lady can suck cock.  The combination of the audience, me pulling on her hair, playing with her big tits & pulling on her on her nipples, and being fingered by one of the other guys had her really hot and bothered.  After about 5 minutes I deposited a huge load on her tits which she (and the crowd) seemed to enjoy.  After blowing my load, I retreated to the back of the room to watch the action continue; she took one 2 other guys before climbing up on the chair doggystyle for her husband to fuck her from behind.

While her hung husband pounded her, he called her slut repeatedly and demanded she acknowledge that she was a whore – this was difficult for her to do as she was sucking Asslvr’s cock, and about to cum at the same time…it was hot, and it was obvious that she came really hard. 
Watching this action had me hard again and I was ready to give our slut another load, however her husband worked her so hard that she needed to take a break. 
A few of us went outside, and chatted for a bit before I headed out.  I should have gone back in with them after the break and given her that extra load…maybe next time.


The Guy Next Door


Doc here again... Thanks again to The Guy Next Door and his solid first-time report here at The Journal.  We are looking for more reports from you... The bar is set pretty high!

Also, a favor to ask from the reporters hitting Swingshift Theatre.... Can you please take a photo of the outside of the theatre for The Good Doctor?  All I have in my database is a crappy screen grab from Google Street View.  Thanks in advance.

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